Tonight (Thursday) in Denton at Rubber Gloves (411 E. Sycamore St., 940-387-7781), Sleep Whale, Dust Congress, and Eyes & Ears will help Gutterth Productions celebrate the release of its second North Texas-local music compilation that’s available FOR FREE in either polycarbonate form (as a double disc at Good Records, Recycled Books, and at assorted shows) or purely digital form here.

The album’s focus is on Dallas and Denton bands, and while the record also includes tracks from bands as far flung as Philadelphia and Austin, there are none from Fort Worth. Feh.


The disc collects tracks from Dust Congress, Shiny Around The Edges, Drink To Victory, Ryan Thomas Becker, Ryan Thomas Becker’s band RTB2, Grapevine’s Mount Righteous, Sunnybrook, New Science Projects, Doug Burr, The Timeline Post, Burntsienna Trio, Kaboom, Daniel Folmer, Arlington’s (not Giedi Prime’s) The House Harkonnen, Dear Human, Philly’s Power Animal, Dirty Water Disease, Eyes & Ears, Sarah Jaffe, Record Hop, Sleep Whale, Geistheistler, History At Our Disposal, Delmore Pilcrow, Austin’s Hotel Hotel, Vexed UK, The Heartstring Stranglers, Nervous Curtains, Sabra Laval, True Widow, Glen Farris, Doyen, The Angelus, and Florene.

One quibble, mainly from a business standpoint: Most people I know would pay good money for the compilation. Gutterth might have been able to charge, I dunno, one dollar or something and either retain the proceeds for future comps or, maybe even better, donate the proceeds to a music-education charity of some sort. Anyway. Way to go, Gutterth.

Cover charge tonight at Rubber Gloves is $5.