The recently formed North Central Texas Communities Alliance–which works at local, state and national levels for positive solutions to the problems created by gas drilling–will kick off its 2010 campaign with a public meeting at the Hotel Trinity (I-30 and Beach Street) on Thursday, January 7. Doors will open at 6:30 PM for coffee and networking. The meeting will begin at 7 PM and run through 8:45.

Featured speakers are State Sen. Wendy Davis and DISH Mayor Calvin Tillman. Everyone is welcome.


  1. I am sure this will be a wonderful event for the local communist party. Earthworks Oil and Gas Accountability Group and the Sandler Foundation (who is the in back pocket of Acorn) are two of the most dishonest left wing groups on the planet. At least when you deal with the Communist Chinese you know what you are getting. They have one goal and one goal only. To stop all domestic oil and gas drilling. For Calvin Tillman this is his chance to get in the national spotlight. For Wendy Davis (an opportunist if there ever was one) it is a chance for her to seek higher office.