It’s hard to say whether the TCU offense had an off night or if they just couldn’t compete with Boise State’s defense.

Either way, Horned Frog quarterback Andy Dalton and his receiver corps couldn’t get it together and were failing miserably in last night’s Fiesta Bowl before Boise State’s fourth quarter fake punt drove the next-to-last nail in the coffin.

(The final nail was Dalton throwing his third interception with a minute left in the game).

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Final score: 17-10, the good guys lose. TCU’s Dream Season gone, a mere memory, like the horny toads that used to roam Fort Worth.

Worst of all, the game was boring and poorly played.

In the end Boise State’s experience prevailed. David has been to the big leagues before, beating Goliath (Oklahoma University) in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. Now that was a game.

David reigned supreme again last night — TCU was ranked No. 3 to Boise State’s No. 6.

On a positive note, TCU should be proud of their season, even after last night’s loss. The team had its best season in seven decades, has its excellent head coach signed up for a few more years, and appears poised to kick ass next year.

Of course, so is Boise State – only one senior started for the Broncos last night and yet they pummeled and confused TCU.

How about a rematch in 2011?

On a final note:


  1. TCU wasn’t “creamed”, dum-dum. It was a one-score victory.

    Only someone who didn’t like TCU very well in the first place could spend their time thinking up junior high calibre puns like that and cliches about fat ladies.