Watching the Dallas Cowboys pluck the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday made for a fun party with friends but I didn’t get any notes taken.

See, most Cowboys games I watch alone at home, taking notes for “Off Asides.” Then I post them on Mondays. Hilarity ensues.

Saturday’s game marked the first this season that I watched while partying with friends. As a result, I have no notes and a rather foggy recollection of the game.


I remember a drinking game involving linebacker Bobby Carpenter (my friends refer to him as Barbie Carpenter).

Every time Carpenter screws up they drink. They’ve drunk a lot this season.

Even when Carpenter does well, they drink. For instance, he made two fumble recoveries but in my friends’ eyes it was only because he was conveniently lying on the ground. “Barbie got knocked on his ass again and the ball just happened to roll his way. He sucks. Drink up!”

Speaking of sucking:

The Dec. 7 “Off Asides” included my prediction that the Cowboys, even after getting trounced by the New York Giants on Dec. 6, would win the division.

“If the Cowboys are the solid team they appear to be, they will respond next week against the San Diego Chargers,” I blogged back then. “Call me a rose-colored glasses kind of guy, but mark my words — the Cowboys win three of their last four games and win the division.”

However, the Cowboys got whupped the following week in what was considered a must-win game against San Diego Chargers, and star defensive player DeMarcus Ware appeared to be severely injured and out for the season.

At that point, I caved.

In the Dec. 14 “Off Asides” I gave myself the “Dumbest Blogger Award” and wrote that “the chances of them winning their next three games, particularly without Ware, are about the same as Wade Phillips’ Coach of the Year chances.”

The next week the Cowboys beat the undefeated New Orleans Saints 24-17, and I did another about-face. I reiterated my original prediction that the Cowboys would win three out of their final four games and make the playoffs.

Perhaps to make up for my temporary loss of faith, I predicted the Cowboys would win all their playoff games and the Super Bowl.

Since then, the Cowboys have won out the regular season, won the division, and won their first playoff game since 1996.

Super Bowl here we come.

Offensive Game Ball Award –WR Roy Williams (“Off Asides” has given him so much grief this season that he deserves kudos after a strong game against Philly).

Defensive Game Ball Award — Eenie meenie miney moe; they all played great yet again. If defense wins championships, my Super Bowl prediction is safe.

Speaking of predictions, I’ve never wavered from my Sept. 15, 2009 blog post that deemed Jay Leno’s prime time show a disaster.

“Seriously unfunny,” “landed with a splat,” “pitiful,” and “the same as his late night show, except less funny and without a desk” were a few of my descriptions.

NBC is now saying that Leno’s show has been canceled and the network is considering moving him back to late-night TV.