Kat Von D and tattoo artists of her ilk are so yesterday. (Yes, I realize that saying “so yesterday” is…like…so yesterday, but whatever).

Human branding isn’t new, but in recent years it’s grown in popularity as an alternative to the been-there, done-that traditional ink tattoos.

Face it, when TV shows about tattoo shops are popular in the mainstream, tattoos are losing their “cool” status.


I’ve got a friend who is 50 years old and has never had a piercing or a tattoo in his life. Now he said he’s “getting inked” with a Jimmy Buffett parrot head logo.

If that doesn’t prove the tattoo trend is dying or dead, nothing does.

Which is why it’s no surprise to read about the great-grandson of Amon G. Carter being branded on his ass by fraternity brothers who lacked brotherly love while he was passed out in a drunken stupor. (I’ve spilled more whiskey than that kid’s drank, but I can say with certainty I’ve never been so drunk that a red-hot branding iron pressed against my tender butt cheeks wouldn’t rouse me. Then again, I was never stupid enough to join a college fraternity.)

If you don’t mind the virtual smell of burning flesh, here are some examples of branding:

First, branding in the name of Jesus!

And branding in the name of Beelzebub!

Here are some end results:


  1. Sounds like another dumb trend of the immature and naive that may last longer then it should. I’ve thought tattooing should of been out of vogue when I graduated college 15 years ago. People got tattoos to be cool and different or they thought so, how can you be different when more people were getting tattoos then those that weren’t. I was cool and different because I was one of the few that did not get a tattoo. How can a girl want a tattoo above her ass these days when they’re called “tramp stamps” and EVERYONE gets one there. I only thought tattoos where cool when it was just sailors and bikers had them…now they’re meaningless.