The international media is abuzz about Tilikum, the Sea World Orlando orca that killed its trainer.


Sea World officials said they aren’t going to kill the animal, even though he’s now been linked to three human deaths.

People are upset about that.

They shouldn’t be. The amusement park officials made the right choice.

Why kill a killer whale for killing? Why is anyone surprised?

If it were a small, fuzzy, harmless whale, most people wouldn’t bother to go see him.

Skydiving is exhilarating because of the risk. The same goes with bull riding, motocross, bungee jumping, marriage, and playing with killer whales.


  1. Tili should not be accused of killing that man who snuck in Tilis pen. Did anyone ever wonder why the man was found on Tili’s back?? Could it be he tried to save him? And in 1991 Tili was with 2 female orcas when that trainer was killed. You cannot blame the whale. When someone gets shot and killed in a robbery, what happens then?? When a pet dog turns on his owner what happens then?? The whale is an animal. Does the fact that its a killer whale stop them from being trained, I think not. Their trainers know of the risk everyday. They do it cause they love their jobs. They know the risks involved. If the animals were agitated prior to the Dine with Shamu show, then maybe they should have cancelled the show. But its too late now to know or to change things. Shoulda, coulda, woulda….
    Leave Tili alone and find out what spooked him. I’m sure Dawn would want that

  2. I’m outraged that no one can see why this killer whale needs to be either put back in the wild or killed. He has now killed three people. And you can spin it anyway you want, but that whale killed that man, and helped kill that other trainer. After three deaths thanks to this killer whale, why isn’t anything going to be done about it? Sure people will say, “It was only an accident.” But was it really? This whale is not just a killer whale, it’s a serial killer whale. How many more lives will this whale take before those idiots get it through their heads that this whale needs to be killed or put back in the wild? Some people will say that it can’t be put back into the wild because it has been “tamed” or “domesticated.” No it has not. A tamed animal does not act the way that tilikum did yesterday or in the past. So if it were placed back in the wild I’m certain that he will go back to his instincts rather quickly. The way he attacked that trainer is the way he would have killed a seal in the wild. What would happen to a person if they brutally beat a person? What about a dog? The person would be facing the death penalty, and the dog would be put down. It shouldn’t be any different for a killer whale. Or better yet, how bout we just not have the exhibit? Do something instead of nothing. What has our society come to? This will happen again. Mark my words. And I will never go see that exhibit ever again. And who ever thinks that they should leave Tilikum alone is a moron. When will people learn?

  3. I totally agree with “outraged.” Killer whales are extremely intelligent. So he knew what he was doing. There’s no doubt about it. This was no accident. And he WILL do it again.

  4. The whale should have never been in captivity in the first place. They shouldn’t kill it, because while whales may be highly intelligent, it still can’t defend it’s actions. Tili may have been reacting to a perceived threat that in reality may or may not have been there, but at heart he is still a creature of instinct. WE ALL ARE.
    So Outraged, would you not attack someone if you perceived a threat of danger towards you or your family? No, you would react on instinct, I’ll concede that you may react on instinct flavored with a tinge of being a civilized human being, but Tili is not.
    The guy who jumped into the tank in the 90’s? Perceived threat. Being in captivity has to be enough of a mindfuck for this poor whale as it is, anything that is unexpected or unprovoked is very liable to incite a reaction, and when an animal only has it’s body to use as protection, you’d better believe it will use it.
    Marine biologists know every risk that they take when working with these beautiful creatures. To kill the whale for acting on it’s instinct is wrong. That said, he should have never been in captivity. At least not when they realized early on that he had behavioral issues, but you can’t go back and fix the past, and you can’t ask this whale to face the consequences of the bad decisions made by his former keepers.

  5. I would not go to see a show at Seaworld as much as I would love to watch beautiful animals. I don’t think that human life is valued enough at Seaworld. The animal was innocent; it was being what it was and this could easily happen again.