Saturday morning and I’m about to head out from Joshua to the Fort. I’m bringing my daughter Madeleina, 12, and her sisters, Sierra and Alexa, 4 and 2, respectively.

We’ve got a nice morning planned, one you could only have here in Fort Worth. We’ll start at the Stockyards for the mandatory Human Maze, then stroll through the livery stable looking at all those gorgeous horses. The girls are wild for them.

We’ll head over to Kinkaids’ after that for a burger, then top that with a Curley’s custard.


From there we’ll stop at Richard Serra’s fantastic Vortex sculpture outside the Modern Art Museum. We raise hell in there.

Madeleina and I were in town last week and stopped by the sculpture and we got there just behind a family that turned out to be from mainland China, taking a vacation here. They stepped into the giant art piece and noticed the echo. They “oohed,” quietly, heard the echo from that as well, then quickly stepped outside.
Madeleina and I laughed. “That’s not what you’re supposed to do in there,” we told them.
“What are we supposed to do?” asked the very proper grandpa of the family.
“You’re supposed to raise a racket. You’re supposed to jump and scream and pound the walls….”
“Oh, no,” he said. “Not polite.”
C’omon, you’ll love it once you loosen up…”
So in they came and after a few minutes loosened up and began making a racket along with us. What a feast of sound!

From the Vortex we’ll head over to the Montgomery Antique Mall, where the girls will want everything but settle for just looking unless something really catches their eyes.

From there it’s on to Central Market to pick up something fantastic to make for dinner–I’m thinking mussels or maybe squid.

It’s gonna be a great Fort Worth day.