Now that Twitter is pretty much old news, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. My timing is nothing if not impeccable. Go here to follow me. I promise I won’t tweet about how awesome my new shoes are or how full of endless and endlessly bright possibilities each new day is! 🙁 I’ll just be tweeting about newsy bits, telling you what’s coming up in the paper (and what has just come out in the paper), and I’m sure I’ll be giving away stuff now and then. In the next c0uple of weeks, I’ll also be tweeting about SXSW extensively, which might come in handy if you’re down in Austin and are overtaken by the compulsion to buy someone a beer. Or 12.


  1. What happened with the Weekly’s twitter page? It went from following actual people to only following corporations and blocking all of the real followers…and then suddenly became private out of nowhere.

  2. Good question, Lyn. The person who was running the Weekly Twitter account has disappeared and taken log on info with her. We’re trying to get another one up and running. Until then, you’re stuck with me.