D Magazine is confused.


Seems Fort Worth Star-Telegram publisher Gary “I Heart Canadians” Wortel claims to live in Dallas on his Facebook page.

D wonders why the publisher of the biggest newspaper in Fort Worth is claiming to live in Dallas when (1) he actually doesn’t, and (2) Fort Worth’s inferiority complex has perpetually propelled it toward meaningless rivalry with its sister city, therefore making Wortel’s false claim even more murky.

Wonder if Wortel will issue another apology?


  1. I can’t help myself Paul.

    Giving me access to a blog is like giving an arsonist a lifetime supply of gasoline and matches.

  2. Well if you can’t help yourself go for it…But, just remember
    Gary is one of us beer drinking, pot smoking,goose stepping,want of world domination Canuks…
    God Bless Texas

  3. I worry about Gary — for an important figure in the high-profile newspaper publishing business in a city with more than 700,000 people, poor Gary only has 48 friends on his Facebook page, and one of them appears to be a horse.

  4. Well The Star only has about 700 and a lot of them joined just to give them a piece of their mind:)
    The F W W has 3600 so I quess that says it all…