The health care bill debate was often more than that. While Rep. Randy Neugebauer, a republican from Texas shouting “Baby killer!” on the house floor the other day has gotten a little media play, several other unseemly incidents have all but been ignored.
Tea party protesters screamed the word ‘nigger’ at U.S. Rep John Lewis, a black Democrat from Georgia, on March 20 outside the U.S. Capitol. Lewis is a civil rights icon who was nearly beaten to death by Alabama State Police during a march he led on Selma, AL in 1965.
The same Tea Baggers hurled racial comments at other members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and one of the protesters went so far as to spit on Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver as he was trying to enter the Capitol building to vote on the health care bill.

And then there was a brick through through the front window of the D.C. office of U.S. Rep. Louise M Slaughter (D-NY) on March 19.

Way to show your style, boys and girls.


  1. It would be great if there were actual proof of these name-calling incidents, wouldn’t it?

    If so, it would prove that the tea party movement is, as the media assures us, driven soley by racism.

    Just like the pre-Iraq war days, the anti-war movement was all Stalinist, as proved by International ANSWER, right?

  2. Peter gorman needs to get his facts straight. None of the comments made have been proven. There was no name calling at the tea parties. I think you liberals just have to have something to talk about since the public is always ignored!