Locked away in Huntsville State Prison back in the 1970s, Dog the Bounty Hunter swore he’d never come back to Texas.

Back then, he couldn’t have known that coming back to Texas would mean selling more copies of his second book.

Life’s been good to Duane “Dog” Chapman, who’ll be signing copies of Where Mercy Is Given, Mercy Is Shown from 6 to 7:30 p.m. tonight at TCU Barnes & Noble, 2950 W. Berry St.


Chapman’s become a household name after six seasons on A&E’s Dog The Bounty Hunter, but he got bit in the butt three years ago after he was recorded using the N-word. His show was canceled but then brought back. This new book is his version of events and a quest for redemption.

It’s interesting that an article in today’s Texas Christian University newspaper quotes somebody saying that Dog could “impart lessons of equality to those who attend the book signing and could teach others not to judge so quickly,” and that his “appearance on campus could contribute positively to the university’s public image.”

Yet the article doesn’t mention the racial controversy.

Here’s the X-rated recording that dogged the Dog and created his PR nightmare that took a book to explain.


  1. I am a Canadian and I have to say that comments and attitudes like Chapman’s make me proud to be one. I do not think I have ever heard that kind of ignorant speech in Canada.

    I must admit that 50 years ago while visiting Chicago as a child and riding the train out to St.Charles with my parents for a Babson Bros convention a white womean sat down next to us and then said to my mother “Look they are evn letting them sit in this section”refeing to a Black lady I asked my mom what she meant and my mother said some people are just ignorant but this has been 50 years .

    He must just have mush between his ears what a goof, I am just shocked that he would make a comment like that crooked false teeth and all………they probably thing they have natural blond hair also……..ugh

  2. Have to agree with Nancy..on one point only. I am proud to be Canadian also, however believe that “ignorance” is thine.
    Racist attitudes still do exist and it is up to each and everyone of us to address them and to teach/educate those that continue to use and publicize it.
    Mr. Chapman has been through the education process, admitted his ignorance in verbalizing this (and to the peanut galleries, he is not apologizing for being caught but for the wrongful “text content” of the word itself) and this has become an interventional way of life for him now. “Do not judge unless you wish to be judged”.
    I am also proud to have known Duane and the family for a number of years, and know for a fact, he is not, hasn’t been nor will ever be a “racist”. Mahalo!