The racetrack isn’t really pink. That headline was an April Fools joke.


Yes, the joke sucked — especially because it’s not even April 1 yet.

It sucked like the “April Fools” joke pulled by Texas Motor Speedway owner Eddie Gossage and radio station KSCS-96.3 earlier today.

Gossage’s staff sent out an official press release saying radio DJ Terry Dorsey was considering changing his name to and getting a TMS tattoo in exchange for $100,000.

Many newspapers and online sites printed the news as fact, including The Dallas Morning News.

But Gossage later told ESPN it was all a hoax. A publicity stunt.

Er…um…ha ha?

Sadly, the News still has its original and erroneous story on its online site. Will somebody please call the newspaper and tell them they’ve been the victims of a March Fools joke?


  1. Hi Hawkeye, remember me? I did a story on you when I was working for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram a million years ago. As always you’re welcome for the free publicity.

  2. Oh, sorry, wrong Hawkeye.

    The story I wrote for the Star-T was about Hawkeye the helicopter pilot who did traffic reports on local radio for years. I guess I’ve let the cat out of the bag — I don’t listen to the Dorsey Gang. Nothing against Dorsey et al, I just don’t listen to radio much these days. Too many commercials. Tivo and XM radio and iPods are reducing public tolerance for commercials.