A pro-marijuana group from Nevada thinks Sarah Palin might be cool.

She probably won’t be hot-boxing the hydro weed anytime soon — she said in 2008 that she tried pot and didn’t enjoy the high (unlike Clinton, she actually inhaled!).

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Hey, if you can sit on the front porch of your igloo in Wasilla, Alaska and wave to people in Russia, you’re on a natural high.

But the Huffington Post reports that Nevadans For Sensible Marijuana Laws is dangling a $25,000 speaking engagement in front of Sarah Palin, hoping she’ll become the latest conservative to back marijuana reform.

Those crazy Nevadans must be stoned – Palin reportedly gets several times that amount to say stuff like “You betcha!” and “God Bless America!” and “David Letterman sucks!” at speaking engagements.


  1. Plenty of free publicity for MPP (which is a national organization, by the way, not “from Nevada”), since they know very well that they’ll never have to pay up. At the same time, they get to point out the philosophical and constitutional inconsistencies of Palin and her ilk. Well done, guys: this sort of clever stunt is why I’ll keep sending the checks.

  2. Just wanted to drop by and tell you how biased your article is and it would be nice for just straight reporting without all your snarky petty shots. Better luck next time maybe.

  3. Oh yeah and maybe the people for legal cocaine will ask Obama to speak since he wrote in his book how he did coke and was roomates with a dealer. Now that’s classy right there!

  4. Sheesh I see the Russia joke is still trying to make the rounds but I’m pretty sure that one got old like 6 months ago. Why don’t I see Obama’s 57 state doozy in every Obama article? Maybe conservatives don’t act like immature two year olds. Nice try though but I’m pretty sure you won’t catch Sarah in an igloo but will see her kicking the liberals and corrupt DC hacks out of Washington. Can’t wait for Nov. baby!

  5. Ethan: I think it’s safe to say that Nevadans For Sensible Marijuana Laws is “from Nevada.”

    The group’s mailing address is in Las Vegas, and their stated desire is to change Nevada law and establish a system to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.