I’m the only person I know who has never owned a cell phone.



My parents have one. Hell, my 98-year-old grandmother has one.

Somebody gave me one for Christmas a few years ago. I re-gifted it.

My goal is to be the last person in Tarrant County without a cell phone. Why this is important to me, I don’t know. I’m no shrink. I just enjoy not having a phone.

Everybody else loves cell phones. Can’t live without them.

In fact, most people have owned so many phones that there are tons of castoffs, discarded little hello-boxes, broken or outdated, clogging landfills, making Mother Earth miserable.

Samsung Mobile and Sprint are attempting to get into the Guinness World Records by collecting mobile phones April 15-18 at the Samsung Mobile 500 at Texas Motor Speedway.

The phones will be recycled.

Anyone who donates a mobile phone during the Samsung Mobile 500 will get a limited edition 3D Samsung Mobile 500 pin, become eligible for prizes…and help save our planet.


  1. I have one cell phone I’m no longer using. Where do I send it, in exchange for a Samsung Mobile 500 pin?