Seems like every other day I get a facebook friend request from somebody I’ve never met. Sometimes they live locally, and maybe we even have a mutual friend or two, but since we’ve never met each other — why do they want to be my friend?

Of course, when it comes to facebook, every complaint I might have is mirrored by millions of others, many of whom are creative (or anal retentive) enough to post rants on YouTube.

Like this guy:

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Sometimes I get friended by people who live in New Jersey or San Jose.  We don’t know each other and we never will. Why do they want to be my friend?

Are people so insecure that they need hundreds of facebook friends to make them feel popular, even when they don’t even know their so-called friends?

Fortunately, annoying old acquaintances whom I dislike have never tried to friend me on facebook, but it happens.

My favorite video on this topic has to be from this irritated woman ranting about “friend collectors” —