There’s never been any doubt that North Texas’ four broadcast news stations treat Fort Worth, the 17th largest city in the country, as a backwater hamlet. You’re liable to get more news about what’s going on in your backyard from CNN than Fox 4 or NBC-5. But the lede to a story recently posted on NBC-5’s web site is downright offensive. “Fort Worth is known for the Stockyards, longhorns, and great music,” writes’s Jane Geelan-Sayers. “And now Cowtown can add another notable to it’s [sic] list; the fastest growing city in North Texas for 2009,” according to a report recently released by the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

Stockyards, longhorns, Cowtown –– what freaking decade is Galeen-Sayers living in? The 1880s?! Though none of us needs another refresher course, Ms. NBC-writer-person might like to know that Fort Worth is the fine-arts capital of the Southwest –– no other city can boast three world-class museums (the Amon Carter, Kimbell, and the Modern). She also might like to know that Texas Ballet Theater originated as Fort Worth Ballet and that the Fort Worth Opera pre-dates the Dallas Opera by about 10 years. One more thing: There are about 900 indie-rock artists in Fort Worth compared to about 20 legitimate C&W acts, assuming that by “great music,” Ms. Galeen-Sayers means C&W (and she undoubtedly does).


Welcome to 2001, lady.