God must be crying tears of joy for Casey James. Why else would He soak Fort Worth prior to James’ homecoming parade?

Not to worry — this just in from a PR flak:

“American Idol contestant Casey James will appear in the Fort Worth Stockyards rain or shine today, May 14 from 4 to 5pm. There will be a parade following the Fort Worth Herd Cattle Drive at 4pm immediately followed by a live performance on the East end of Exchange Avenue under the Stockyards Station sign.”


  1. he needs to give it up and people need to really listen. I think city of Fort Worth really wasted alot of police officers time and effort in being his body guard. If city is in such a budget crunch pick what you waste your officers on.

  2. Congratulations Casey!!! Stay loose Tues–stay cool and knock one out of the park!!! We’ll be calling in 2hrs non-stop for you!!
    WE LOVE YOU !!!!!
    Your #1 fan from Connecticut!!!

  3. I was at Keys Lounge to hear him play with local blues musicians. The vibe was incredibly positive and it was a wonderful thing to see.
    This guy is a great commercial for the music scene in Fort Worth and any money spent on his visit was money well spent.
    I hope he continues to feel the love generated by his success on TV.
    I’ll be voting for him for as long as my fingers hold up.