The Dallas Morning News online site is still running the oily birds found in Texas story that it posted at 7:40 a.m.

But that story has since been debunked.

Yahoo! News filed a corrected report two-and-a-half hours ago.

A Morning News reader left a comment at the end of the article about an hour ago telling them that the story was disputed and described as a clerical error.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has been running the retracted version of the story since 10:30 this morning.


  1. Is it really debunked or is this just what the State of Texas under Rick Perry and the tourism industry wants us to think? Can we trust the State of Texas to be straight with us about anything?

  2. The federal Coast Guard is the one that blamed the erroneous reports on a clerical error.

    But you’re right Don, the State of Texas has proven time and again that they need to be watched closely.