A local food critic tracking my quest for a new lunch spot due to the heartbreaking closure of Los Alamos Café advised me to eat at one of his favorite spots.

I can’t reveal the critic’s identity, but his first name rhymes with mud.



As for the critic’s last name – well, let’s just say that the gorgeous woman pictured above  wouldn’t have had to change her maiden name if she had married bud, I mean mud. (Let’s also say the odds of the aforementioned food critic marrying the woman pictured above are the same as Lady Gaga marrying this sign-flashing gang banger from the mean streets).

Anyway, now that I’ve protected Mud Kennedy’s identity, let me thank him for guiding me to Mi Cocinita.

I’ve eaten there a couple times back when the restaurant was managed by the sweet, elderly woman named Virgie. But it’s been a while since I’ve been back.

On my visit today, the food was excellent and reasonably priced. The portions were okay (don’t be stingy with the rice please!). And the place is one of the few in town that serves homemade green salsa.

Of course, everything is homemade since the family restaurant actually operates in a converted house.

Virgie stepped down last year and the place closed for awhile. But now some of her younger relatives have taken over.

The enchiladas, rice, beans, chips, and green salsa I ordered for lunch today were excellent, and by drinking water with my meal I kept the cost at $7.50, which left me $2.50 for a tip.

So, this place meets most of my criteria: Less than $10. Very nice people. Friendly service. Great atmosphere. Great food.

Ah, but there’s one problem – it’s too far to drive from the cultural district. Street construction and traffic lights meant it took me 15 minutes to get there — unacceptable.

So thank you, Mr. Anonymous Food Critic, for the hot tip. But I’m a North Side guy at heart and Mi Cocinita is just too far south for me. I’m going to keep looking for that perfect spot. But I hope everybody on that side of town rediscovers the hidden jewel that is Mi Cocinita.

P.S. To the reader who suggested El Pollo Palenque on Hemphill in a previous post — it’s way too far south for me, almost to I-20.

Any other suggestions?


  1. Have you had a Love Fish sandwich at the 7th Street Love Shack? I could eat one every day for 20 years. With fries and cole slaw. Who cares about the preppy TCU crowd. Order it to go.

  2. Since you mentioned northside, have you tried El Puerto on 28th & Sylvania? Lots of food. Great green sauce on their chicken enchiladas and you can’t beat the price.