The Stockyards is hosting a big July 3 musical extravaganza to make up for the fact that Willie Nelson moved his annual festival back to Austin.



The irrepressible Randy Rogers (shown above) is taking over the slot and headlining a show that’s as diverse as any of Willie’s old lineups.

“I wanted to have a bill that was eclectic,” Rogers told Blotch. “I wanted rock ‘n’ roll, stone cold country, alt-country, Texas country, up and comers, rap music – I don’t think any of us listen to one genre of music.”

Whoa, Nellie – did he say rap?

Doesn’t Rogers know the Stockyards movers and shakers have put the squeeze on every rap bar that’s ever opened down there? They’ve made it clear that the baggy-pants crowd isn’t welcome there – and nobody wore baggier pants than MC Hammer (shown below back in the day).


Rogers enjoys Hammer’s music and has talked to club owners who have booked him lately.

“Everybody has been impressed with his show, patrons have been very happy with the performances, and I’ve heard he’s a joy to work with,” Rogers said. “Everybody we’ve booked has a great reputation for being a solid performer and a class act.”

Too bad MC isn’t Jewish – he and Randy could perform as Rogers and Hammerstein.

The rest of the lineup includes Mark Chestnutt, Radney Foster, Ryan Bingham, Sons of Bill, Justin McBride, Bird Dogs, and a rock blast from the past — Everclear.

“I met Art [Alexakis],the lead singer, about a year ago,” Rogers said. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Everclear (shown below) and asked them to be a part of it and they said yes.”


Rogers is taking a cue from the Austin City Limits and Bonnaroo music festivals that specialize in diverse, eclectic lineups.

“That’s what I’m trying to provide in Fort Worth,” said Rogers, who grew up in Cleburne.

He’s also incorporating elements that are important to him based on his experiences both attending and performing at festivals. For instance, people will be able to get a stamp in case they need to leave and return during the festival.

“I’m going to do everything I can every year to learn more and make it fun, convenient, affordable, and all the things I would like if I was going to the show,” he said.

The Randy Rogers Stockyards Stampede is collaboration with Rogers, Billy Bob’s Texas, and Smith Music Group.

“We realized Willie doesn’t do the July 4 picnic there anymore and we wanted to give people the opportunity to do something on the July 4 weekend but we didn’t necessarily want to do it on July 4,” Rogers said.

The Stockyards Stampede will be held on July 3.

“I’d like to do it every year and brand it and make it something that people are looking forward to,” he said.

Rogers is about to release a new album, “Burning Day” on MCA.

“I wrote more songs for this record than I have on any other record,” Rogers said.


He’ll showcase some of those tunes next weekend.

“I love Fort Worth and the Stockyards,” Rogers said.

Now, the only thing left for him to do is to try and find some “Hammer pants” to wear at the show.

“I might have to look on eBay,” he said.

Look here for more info on the show.