This is some funny shit: The Advocate has compiled a list of quotes by about 16 allegedly “bisexual” women actors/singers/personalities called “Girls Who Say They Like Girls.” “Say” is the operative word here – most of them were promoting movies/music/TV shows at the time and had a vested interest in appearing hip/controversial/hot to straight male audiences. In other words, their lesbian street cred is seriously in doubt.

The story was presumably prompted by Cameron Diaz’s recent statement to Playboy: “If I’m going to be with a woman sexually, it doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian.” Translation: “I want to appear sexually adventurous to as many potential ticketbuyers of Knight and Day as I can, thus increasing the titillation factor on this shitty movie. But I’m not really a lesbian or even bisexual, and if you say I am, I’ll deny it.”

I agree that human sexuality is more complicated than most humans want to admit. But that long debate isn’t well served when you’re a hot young female celeb who’s promoting her latest project. Who would I take seriously if she came out as bi? Betty “White Hot” White. She proved on her recent SNL debut that she’s not afraid of letting young female comics taste her muffin. And more recently, she “accidentally” let it slip that Cary Grant was gay. Anything else you’d like to tell us, Betty?