Softball-lobbing, butt-kissing “journalist” Larry King is finally retiring after a quarter century of bad interviews.


Some people poked fun at King because of his many marriages, questionable fashion sense, and his inclination to appear drunk on TV.

I never cared about what he wore or how many times he got married or how many cocktails he had before his show.

My complaint about King was that he booked great guests and then lobbed softball questions, one after another, for 25 years. He was the Master of Missed Opportunities.

Of course, the reason he was able to book great guests is because they knew he would treat them gently – or arrive totally unprepared — and let them say whatever they wanted with little confrontation.

“Larry King Live” was interesting in a train-wreck sort of way but CNN should strive for better. Give us an interviewer with some pit bull blood coursing through his veins.