You know how Big Industry lobbyists persuade lawmakers to vote their way and stack the deck against the Little Guy?

Well, two can play that game.

Tonight you can get a crash course on how to “lobby and influence local and state decision makers,” Greater Fort Worth Sierra Club member Judy Williams said.

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The local Sierra Club’s seminar is at 7 pm tonight at Fort Worth Botanic Garden featuring Tom Smith of Public Citizen in Austin, and Ken Kramer, director of the Lone Star Sierra Club.

“They will talk about any and all environmental issues in Texas and how citizens can make an impact,” Williams said.

Speaking of lobbying, some environmentalists view the national Sierra Club as a joke, a group that allowed itself to become lobbied by gas drillers such as Chesapeake Energy.

Let’s hope the local chapter stays more focused on its mission (which I’m fairly certain doesn’t include being bestest buddies with Big Oil).