Regarding the departure of The Burning Hotels‘ drummer Wyatt Adams, frontman Chance Morgan issued a statement, not placing blame, though you can tell by his words that a stylistic divergence had occurred.  The split has roots in “Allison,” a song that the Hotels were recently asked to do by a filmmaker friend. “We took it as an exercise, to see if we could step outside ourselves musically and create something for someone else,” Morgan said. “It turned out to be one of the most fun, satisfying experiences that [co-frontman Matt Mooty] and I had ever done creatively.” Morgan also said that the song, with its non-guitar-based, heavy-synth feel, represents a possible new sonic direction for the band. “We have always been influenced by different styles of music and art, and we are finally making the music we want to be making: back to basics, just the two of us, writing all the parts and creating music we love.” Adams, Morgan said, “is pursuing other creative endeavors,” undoubtedly among them the experimental outfit Ice Eater. The Burning Hotels are currently writing to enter the studio in late January or early February.