For those readers following the case of former Arlington Heights High School assistant principal Joe Palazzolo’s appeal of his firing before a Texas Education Agency hearing examiner, the public hearing will resume today in room 229-B of the Fort Worth school district’s administration building at 100 University Drive.  The hearing is open to the public. The appeal was postponed all last week due to the weather.  Scheduled to testify today are Palazzolo, Chief of Administration Sylvia Reyna and head of the Office of Professional Standards Mike Menchaca. Reyna and Menchaca conducted the investigation that led to Palazzolo’s being fired by Superintendent Melody Johnson late last year.  His termination was upheld in a 6-3 vote by the school board. Palazzolo appealed to TEA.  Following the outcome of the administrative appeal, Palazzolo and his attorney Jason Smith will take his whistle-blower case to state district court in Wise County.  Stay tuned.


  1. I am very prayerful about The Fort Worth School Board and Administrators being very lacked about the responsibility to work for the children or future communities of Fort Worth. Wake up, a few administrators (K.E.) (C.H.) are still working in the “Buddy”‘ system and many hard working employees have been affected and will be affected by losing their livelihood (jobs). This case is only one of many similar situations that have taken place. Hopefully the Fed’s will pull the rotten apples out of the barrel for everybody that have been injured. The democratic process has been shattered. How can so much corruption exist for a system that is designed to teach our children good ethics when the majority of Board Members are not working for this? To rectify this situation, the administrators in the Fort Worth Administration should be throughly investigated by a high authority. It is time,especially for those who have been innocently affected. I pray that this will be done soon.