The Dead Media, Fort Worth R&B singer-songwriter Nathan Brown’s 8-track record label and online 8-track retailer and repairer, celebrated its first release last weekend at The Grotto in the Cultural District: Fort Worth indie-folkies Secret Ghost Champion’s song “Now and Then.” The show, which also included a performance by Cleburne psych-folkies Igneous Grimm, was a success, according to Brown, who said that he sold out of the 8-tracks he was able to produce, “moved some shirts, and got plenty of shocked looks for bringing in a bunch of 8-tracks into a public place.” Brown launched The Dead Media several years ago while living in Little Rock. Though he moved back to his hometown of Fort Worth a couple of years ago, he wasn’t able to get started on Dead Media projects until only recently –– the thirtysomething husband and father says life got in the way. But Brown is now pushing ahead on several Dead Media projects, including 8-tracks by Haltom City’s Me-Thinks and Denton’s RTB2 and 50 8-tracks of ’70s psych-folk artist Michael Hurley’s rarest album, Blue Navigator, for Secret Seven Records, a San Francisco label.