Naturally, though eight Fort Worth bands are playing SXSW-sanctioned showcases this year, most of them are on Wednesday, the first night of the festival, when Austin is awash in bad black dye jobs (Ken Shimamoto’s quip) and fat-cat record execs trying to pull off skinny jeans and no real fans of professional rocking and rolling. Oh, well. We have to be heartened that at least Fort Worth was so well represented this year, more than doubly the amount of years previous. On that Wednesday, March 17, The Orbans play the the Speakeasy Kabaret, The Burning Hotels play 512, and Telegraph Canyon plays Esther’s Follies. OK. On Friday, Snow Tha Product raps at Fuse, and on Saturday, Mind Spiders play Easy Tiger, Analog Rebellion plays The Ale House, and Complete plays at midnight at some spot to be determined. The World Famous Tony Williams doesn’t have a time and location yet. So far, the only non-sanctioned shows that I know about are: an after-party on Thursday evening (early Friday morning) starring EPIC RUINS and a magazine showcase featuring Eyes Wings and Many Other Things (ex-Fort Worth). More to come.