Fort Worth indie-rock singer-songwriter Sean Russell and Dallas folk duo The O’s are about to embark on a European tour together. In an e-mail, Russell says he’s been dreaming about touring Europe since before he recorded his first songs more than five years ago. “I’ve never been to the U.K., and I can’t imagine a better way to travel than from the inside out like this,” he writes. Russell, whose most recent album, Mystery of the New, was written about by HearSay not too long ago, is planning to release an EP in May, Stars Will Fall. No word yet on which members of Russell’s usual backing band are going to join him, but don’t fret: Russell works only with highly pedigreed talent. Contributors to Mystery of the New include guitarist Taylor Tatsch (Maren Morris, Greater Good), bassist Nolan Thies (The Backsliders, Smile Smile), and multi-instrumentalist Toby Pipes, who also owns Dallas-based Bass Propulsion Laboratories, where both Mystery of the New and Russell’s debut album, To This Point, were recorded. Bon voyage, Sean.