Because even nurses and doctors need to eat unhealthy sometimes, the Messy Cheesy Food Truck has set up its gooey goodies next to the Andrews Women’s Center at Baylor All Saints Hospital, 1614 Mistletoe, FW. Serving times are 11am-7pm and, of course, it’s open to the general public.

The menu includes nachos with cheddar, gouda, feta, and parmesan; the dragon cut hot dog, an all-beef Chicago-style dog with pickles, peppers, onions, tomatoes, “and absolutely no ketchup”; a grilled cheese sandwich with browned macaroni and cheese on it; and a mashed potato martini appetizer, served in a fancy plastic cup with your choice of toppings. My question is – if you’re a Baylor All Saints health care provider who records cell phone footage of your co-workers eating here, how much is the bribe worth?