The Salvation Army is holding a HUGEW garage sale at its 50,000 square foot warehouse at 229 E Felix Street (1-35 Exit 46 A, then go one block west).
Among the thousands of items for sale at incredible bargain prices will be furniture, jewelry, computers, designer clothes, exercise equipment, books and household items.
So take a break or use your lunch hour to go take a look. The Salvation Army has done great work for an awful lot of Fort Worth’s neediest, from feeding the hungry to helping with electric bills to housing the homeless. So what ya waiting for? Sale starts at 10 AM and runs through till 5 PM. So get going, okay?


  1. I heard about garage sale late saturday. The news said that at your sale you have some seats from the old Texas Stadium,if so can you e-mail me at I have been looking for some. Thank you and God Bless.

  2. I was so disappointed to have missed this sale!!!
    It was not advertised at all, on web, email, or newspaper. When I read the paper on Saturday, the sale was closing. Please compile an email list of those of us who missed the sale and who would like to know of another sale in plenty of time to arrange to get there.


  3. I live in Woodgate Qld 4660. My daughter needs a couple of text books for her Distance Learning Schooling classes, and as the retail price for new books is (as I am an age pensioner) well out of my reach, I am hoping someone might be able to assist from a ‘garage sale’ or ‘tip shop’ stock..

    The titles are as follows:
    1. Novel “Don’t Call Me Ishmale”

    2. “Jacaranda Essentials Humanities 1 ebook plus”

    3. “Science Quest 8 Ace +eBook Plus”

    It would be much appreciated if (all or part) are available a response could be sent with cost including post to Woodgate.

    I am also looking for a bench top adjustable size bottle ‘bottle capper’ as used in home brew kits,