See, we at the Fort Worth Weekly aren’t the only ones worrying about the natural gas industry and the environmental shortcuts they take and the pollution and problems they cause.

The New Y0rk Times, a major news voice of the United States, shared similar concerns in this recent article. The story refers to studies that suggest natural gas drilling might even be more damaging than coal-based energy.


“Yeah, yeah, urban gas drilling sucks and it’s a pain in the ass but I’m sick of hearing about,” is how one loyal Weekly reader phrased it to me recently.

We’re kind of sick of writing about it too.


But the fact is, a watchdog is badly needed for this valuable yet dangerous industry. State regulators aren’t proactive. Most municipalities aren’t either. Money tends to blind everyone.

Somebody’s got to keep the pressure on. The Weekly‘s first story about the dangers of urban gas drilling came out in June 2005, followed by this one in September 2005.

Glad to see other newspaper are finally helping out.