Fort Worth Business Press endorsed Betsy Price for mayor of Fort Worth, but the editorial board’s endorsement kind of loses credibility when it states that the “next mayor of Fort Worth, with seven members of city council to share decision making with, certainly can’t do it alone.”


The next mayor will be sharing decision making with at least eight other city council members. Fort Worth’s council currently has nine members and will probably be expanded to 11 after redistricting.


  1. To obtain support from teacher/voters who work in FWISD, you will have to make a commitment to end the tenure of Melody Johnson.

  2. Good endorsement for Betsy. With Lane being in the back pocket of special interests and Hirt making one mistake after another on the campaign trail, she is clearly the leader going into early voting.

  3. If calling it like it is the same as “making one mistake after another” then you are right about Hirt. Frankly think she is a breath of fresh air. Trinity River, Gas Drilling near schools and continuing corruption at FWISD is what you can expect from Price. After all, she is also being endorsed by the three most corrupt School Board members.

  4. Price is a right-wing Republican. Just what this area needs. Another one to add to the hundreds and hundreds who are, even as I write this, busy destroying our economy, our safety nets, our healthcare, our retirement, our environment, and our sense of humor.

  5. Is Cathy Hirt wrong? Does anyone think that over 80 percent of the kids in the FWISD graduate as the school district claims. Perhaps the standards have been set lower than before. Does that count? Maybe it’s the new math.

    Cathy Hirt will address the problem areas when no one else will.

    Johnson and her crowd are supporters of Price and will do anything to mislead people with something other than the truth.
    It’s the “FORT WORTH WAY”, as one of her other well known supporters would say.

  6. The candidate Ms. Price called for trouble by letting some of the board members to openly support her. Most of the FWISD employees who want change in the school district would change their minds in supporting Ms. Price.

    Cathy Hirt appears to be more concerned in changing the business for the city because she wants to make the case that improving education will improve the quality of the citizens of Fort Worth.

    We are tired of having school leaders leaving the children behind. Melody has polarized the campaign by getting involved. Statistic is very easy to manipulate to claim improvement. How much improvement is needed to solve the problem. With the pace the district is following to improve dropout would take seven more years to be at the 92%. Should we elect a mayor that would take the same pace to improve the city?

    Well, the money would determine who would be the winner, unfortunately. This is the travesty of democracy in this region.