There has been a growing concern from readers that a couple of comments from a writer identified only as “frustrated” regarding the latest on the Fort Worth school district and its handling of the Joe Palazzolo whistle-blower case were removed by this paper.  Not so.  First let me say, we at the Weekly are vigorously opposed to censorship and would lay down our lives to protect the First Amendment. Therefore, as the writer of the blotch that drew comments from “frustrated” I have been trying to find out what happened to her posts, two of which fell into what she is calling “cyberspace cemetary.”  Our publisher, Lee Newquist told me that no one at the Weekly deleted “frustrated’s” comments. Only he and one other person have permission to do so and only if the comments are “overly offensive” — and you readers can tell from the comments on all of our stories and especially the Palazzolo drama that the bar is set very low for that criteria. We simply do not mess with folks right to free speech. We have asked “frustrated” to repost the comments.  What happened then?  We simply do not know. It has not happened before. With apologies to frustrated and to all of you out there who value the First Amendment.


  1. I would counter that the FW Weekly may be the only local outlet for opinions that oppose the overwhelming, stifling, narrowminded and obdurate mass of paranoia that passes for conservative “thought” in the Lone Star State.

    Otherwise, I would be continually required to bite my tongue when I hear the unmitigated trash that pours from the lips of Texas Republicans.

  2. I am deeply concerned and upset how people point fingers at a political party. I tend to vote extremely conservative which means I am very much a Republican. I believe in freedoms, such as gay marriage and other things as well. But I have never sat here and said dumb democrates and liberals have totally screwed education from the east coast to the west coast. Please don’t point fingers at a part…point fingers at what is going on…like east coast liberals think that we should not punish a child, that the child will have an inert understanding of morals without being taught. So we should just sit back and let that occur, right??? So please keep your Trash talk in regards to Republicans as a whole to yourself.

    Thank You…

  3. I meant to say I was speaking in a literal context…I don’t bash people for their beliefs, and prefer them not to bash mine. Instead we need to unite and have a compromise that fits everyones needs…and continuous finger pointing like you just did…doesn’t exactly allow this to happen. Thank You Phil for your comment but next time remember we need to unite and not point fingers bashing each other.

  4. Betty B, you had me at hello! No worries…you are ace in my book and so is FWW! Jeers tor the person who allowed the deletion! Hmmm, I have another theory and it doesn’t involve FWW! We’ll talk!

  5. censorship is alive in the world,if it is not a fww,then thank you gods. but in regards to fw and the school district,wake up. all public schools in the world are experiencing this bastardization of public schooling. fasttrack reverse and view history. view slaves and slavery where in that scene ,blacks were prohibited from being educated and it was against the law .the law changed and said slaves then and now can learn if they want to . but it seems when the civil rights act of about 1963 came about,rich white men began to grumble about the Niggers getting too uppity and driving cadilacs and drinking more ,smoking more dope,screwing more hoes,etc. resultantly these rich white men contacted the established think tanks such as rand,the tea party,sarah palin,citizens against injustice, and asked for help and recommendations. among the recommendation were to corrupt the public schools with discipline problems,saboutage teachers in the classroom with endess data and emails and documentation ,nonsupport from parents,nonsupport from principals to admin staff. so now in 2011 ,people like rupurt murdock do one small task to further these rich white mens agendas. ruperts job is to buy all media outlets and control the music,news ,and babble on the free airwaves. a propaganda machine. education of the masses is not beneficial to the rich white men of the world. In fort worth,ed bass,the leonards,aggie pate,mike moncreif, these notable people send their children to Not public schools. a law cannot be created to say one cannot have education,but when the rich white people want fixes,they do not have to operate within the framework or law or ethics. reference rick perry and the selling off of texas piece by piece,now to include a nuclear storage corral for not only texas waste but nuclear waste from all over the u s ,and maybe the world