June, July and August, which I lovingly refer to as The Hundred Days Of Hell, is upon us like the pox. I was complaining about the heat recently and a friend said, “You can’t be hating on the summer, otherwise you’re hating three months of every year. That’s like hating 25 percent of your life. And you sleep a third of your life already. So, mathematically, you’re, like, hating three-fifths of your waking hours.”

I’m not sure if all that math worked out correctly, but I like his thought process. So with those encouraging words, I say, “Welcome summer! I love ya!”


  1. Your friend is right. too many people in FW seem to hate the summer. I love it hot. 112 degrees suits me fine. Ya gotta think like and act like a lizard. And keep your Green Mountain bill paid and plenty of beer on hand.

  2. Thanks to global warming and weather changes you will soon be hating the 250 Days of Hell Spliced With Intermittent Tornados And Constant Drought.