It was so nice to hear silence from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban during the long playoff run.

But then his team became NBA champs.

And now he’s back to his old self.


Sure, he’s innovative, which is how he parlayed a pioneering high-tech knowledge into a mega-fortune that paid for the team. But to tell his players that championship rings were old-school showed a lack of appreciation for sports history and tradition. One of his players vowed to buy rings for his teammates if the owner won’t.

Cuban showed class when he volunteered to pay for the victory parade in cash-strapped Dallas, but then something like this photo (below) comes out. It was posted on a Tweeter stream with the caption. “The Larry O’Brien Trophy. Don’t go to the bathroom without it.”

Some folks might say Cuban didn’t take this bathroom photo, so why blame him?

Well, he is obviously posing.  I’m a guy. I’ve stood at a thousand urinals in my day and I know damn well that if you’re wearing blue jeans you can’t unbutton and unzip your pants and take care of business comfortably with one hand while holding a heavy trophy.  That’s a staged photo.

And is it just me or does it look like someone dropped a packet of cocaine on the floor?