Last night was the premiere of CMT’s Texas Women, a reality show filmed around Fort Worth about four young, attractive women who drink and curse a lot and constantly boast that Texas is in their blood. I’ll begin the Weekly coverage with a synopsis of the first episode. I apologize in advance if I get the names wrong, because I honestly can’t tell these girls apart.

First, let me introduce the cast. There’s Brooke, the buxom rodeo barrel racer who sounds like Jennifer Tilly without the theater training. Her favorite hobby is riding in a golf cart with her husband while he blows up gopher holes on his farm. Don’t confuse her with Anna, a buxom stock contractor (she raises rodeo broncos) who’s just trying to make it in a man’s world. (Money quote: “I get dirty and sweaty. I think that’s hot”). Poor Hannah a.k.a. “Hurricane Hannah” is listed only as “party girl” in the identifying shots. After a couple of drinks, she requires subtitles to be understood by viewers. The most sympathetic one seems to be Ali, an aspiring country singer who pleads to get her new single played on 95.9 The Ranch.

The main source of suspense in Episode One comes from Hannah and Anna, who’ve just become roommates. (Are you following this?). The situation turns tense when they get drunk on Cowboy Cosmos at Reata and smack each other on the forehead – Anna uses a menu, Hannah her open palm. Can they resolve things and heal their 30 minute TV friendship? They can if Hannah will only understand that Anna was trying to impart a lesson with her smack, namely: “You know what life is? Life is getting thumped in the fucking forehead.” Which is exactly what my mother told me.

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Stay tuned, ya’ll.


  1. These are not TEXAS WOMEN – One from California and the underage child is from oklahoma! Our TEXAS mothers, grandmothers, and daughters are embarred! Give yourself a break and turn the TV off and go figure out how to conserve some water!

  2. And Hunt is from California. Which is very obvious from her snotty California attitude. Vote that b*tch off the island.

  3. Whether Hunt is snotty or a *unt has nothing to do with being from California. I live in I live in Texas, but I am from California and do not act like that.

  4. Television goes the way of Washington in the contest for dumbing down America.

    In a more intelligent society, this show would be a public service message reporting the pitfalls of dumbing down schools, relationships, culture and civility. I want to say the new reality TV show, Texas Women, is completely fake but barring what must have been scripted to accommodate lights and cameras, I fear there was some honesty. The inane conversation, excessive jiggling, and high pitched giggling remind me why many women, from Texas and elsewhere, are disrespected. Is this a case of the squeaky giggle getting oiled, making these girls exceptions rather than the rule? Time will tell but in the meantime, while not completely fake, naming the show Texas Woman is, at the very least, an insult to those who are.

  5. This show is stipid, it makes us Texas women look like bimbo’s .. it does not prtray what a true Texas women is like..this show needs to be pulled.. The women on the show are not ture texans…

  6. Why are people saying these women are drunken bimbo sluts? I watched the show for the first time this weekend and three of the four women are hard working and successful. One lives on a ranch and raises bucking bulls for rodeos and that ain’t easy work. Another one is also a ranch girl and a barrel racer. Another one is an country singer with a pretty good sound. The girl named Hannah is jobless and drunken and kind of worthless but the rest of them seem to be pretty decent. Why all the hating on them? It seems like most of the bad mouthing is coming from other women. Jealousy?

  7. Hannha does have a job–house/pet sits for me at Whitesboro while I work in Dallas during week. Around labor day I’m moving my horses to new barn/arena being bult there and she will be exercising horses as well. She is getting quite a few photo shoot opps now too. None of the girls have kids other than their pets!

  8. Where did they dig these “Texas” women up? I have lived in Texas all my life and grew up on a ranch. They aren’t like any women that I know. I’m afraid the rest of the country will think all Texas women are brainless, fake, petty, and parties all the time. Whoever came up with the idea for the show should be drugged out to the middle of the cactus patch and left.

  9. I watch it. It’s ok,but has some not ok moments. But I guess thats what grab peoples attention to it.
    Horse relationship lessions would be a plus for the one lady. Maybe the camera hurt her riding skills.

  10. This is not what real Texas women look like. These girls are spoiled rich brats who spend money like it grows on trees, don’t work for anything(with the exception of Anna), and party like its going out of style. Im ashamed that these ladies get to represent the women of my state. They have no real claim to representing Texas. Real Texas women work hard for their money, have respect, and DON’T party that much. It sickens me that CMT managed to find these girls to represent.