Hank Williams Jr. is the gift that keeps on giving.

First he ranted about politics and Hitler on Fox & Friends, apologized later to keep his gig at Monday Night Football but got dumped anyway, and then went on the attack.


Last week, a friend of mine said Hank Jr. would write a song about it. I predicted it would be called “God Bless American Free Speech Or I’ll Stick A Boot Up Your Ass.” As it turns out, ‘ol Bocephus has penned a new song called “I’ll Keep My… .”

I’m not sure which word is being replaced by the ellipsis in the song title, but I’ll guess it’s not “Dignity.”


  1. You guys are twisting the truth. Hank Jr doesn’t apologize for his opinions to keep a job! Whoever wrote and edited this article can kiss my backside. He is a patriot, through and through. When the rest of the country is losing it’s moral compass, when real men are difficult to find, when “men” or “women” are afraid to say they disagree with something for fear they will be labeled closed-minded… There is Hank! Thank God there still are a few men left with balls that will stand up for what it right.


  2. Unfortunately, Audrey, comparing the American President to Hitler, while hugely popular for 8 years, became socially unacceptable on Jan 20, 2008.

    However, “Incompetent Boob”, “Miserable Failure” and “Clueless Twit” are still nominally acceptable, for now.

    Had Williams followed these simple guidelines, he would not have become the most divisive figure in freebie alt-weekly editorial offices.