In celebration of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, November, the ad hoc nonprofit group Moustache Brothers will be putting on some fun events in local watering holes. The most hilarious seems to be the Bar Olympics, Sun, Nov 20, from 1 to 10pm at three West 7th corridor venues: The Grotto (517 University), Lola’s Saloon (2736 W 6th St), and Poag Mahone’s (700 Carroll St). At stake? An exclusive “bragging-rights trophy,” says Moustache Brothers. Only teams of six can participate, and the cost is $60 per team. Proceeds, including from participation fees, will benefit MD Anderson Cancer Center’s prostate-cancer research.


There will be six events: billiards, darts, foosball, Golden Tee, ladder golf, and washers. Each team member will play two events, and the team with the most points wins. And while bands haven’t been confirmed, there will be live music throughout the day.



To kick off Movember, the Wild Rooster (3204 Camp Bowie Blvd, Cultural District) will host a moustache competition on Tue, Nov 8. The winner will receive “an awesome prize,” Moustache Brothers say. There’ll also be karaoke and on-sale Rooster Balls.


At both events, Moustache Brothers will be accepting donations and reminding people of the mission behind the fun. “Raising awareness is the most important thing to us, and I believe that this is the way to most effectively do so,” says Moustache Brothers.


All donations, no matter how seemingly minimal, will be accepted, and donors who put up $15 or more will receive a free commemorative 2011 Movember or “Grow a Pair” t-shirt.




  1. This group brings in lively events for a great cause! Being charitable shouldn’t have to be fun – but these guys really are in touch with the crowd they are tending to.

    I went to their event at The Wild Rooster Bar – it was awesome to see everyone in the spirit of the moustache!

    Their Bar Olympic event was smaller than I expected but so much fun.

    I definitely recommend heading to any event they plan on doing this year.