Three months after the In-N-Out Burger opened on 7th Street, I finally got around to seeing what all the fuss was about.

More than a dozen people camped out overnight to be among the first in line when the hamburger joint first opened in August. And I thought to myself, “Really?”


For many weeks afterward I saw Fort Worth police directing traffic as hundreds of motorists tried to navigate the drive-thru lines all day long. And I thought, “Really?”

So today, for the first time ever, I entered an In-N-Out Burger. The 7th street location was crowded even though it was after 1 p.m. My order number was 63, and yet the counter folks were still calling out orders in the low 50s.

It took almost 15 minutes to get my order, and I thought, “Really?”

Finally, I settled down at a table, lifted up the most hyped burger in the land, and eyeballed it up and down. Then, slowly, thoughtfully, I took a bite.

And I thought to myself, “Really?”

Whataburger has always been my favorite fast-food burger. However, I admit now that the California-based In-N-Out is every bit as good. Also, the In-N-Out staff were super-friendly and focused.

I have a feeling that In-N-Out and I will become very close in the coming years.



  1. Were the iceberg lettuce and tomatoes superior or just like other places? Anything special about the bun? Is the meat organically raised or sustainably produced? Did the cheese have a detectable flavor? Pickles crunchy? Any special sauces? Just wondering. Oh, and the fries???

  2. The lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese were nothing special, but the bun was tasty (similar to Whataburger’s bun). In-N-Out brags about its fresh buns, fresh meat (never frozen), and french fries that are peeled and cooked fresh to order each day. The fries did taste light and fresh. The meat patty was thin but tasted good. My burger didn’t come with pickles but it did include a special sauce (Thousand Island dressing) that had a nice flavor.

  3. No, Pablo, it’s never going to be my honey hole. My heart belongs to North Side Mexican food joints. But instead of hitting Whataburger every time I crave a burger, now I’ll head to In-N-Out half the time.

  4. I like their burger “protein-style” — no bun, wrapped in lettuce leaves — with added grilled onions. Messy, but good.

    I didn’t really care for the fries and was befuddled by their texture given they’re cut fresh. Some say to order them a little underdone or crispy, so I’ll give them another shot.

  5. Lived out there (CA) for 22+ years, and never got hooked on In-N-Out burgers. They were OK, but overall, can’t hold a candle to Whataburger. My wife – the REAL burger expert in our family – gave them her blessing, when she tried them for the first time a few years ago, so I guess they are still OK……BTW, I DON’T like ANYPLACE that doesn’t show ALL of their food items on their menu! What’s THAT for? Guess they’re in the same category as the Beverly Hills Fire Department…..with an unlisted number!