The Moon is still relocating to the historic Ridglea Theater complex, but in the meantime –– as red tape continues unwinding on the West Side –– Moon owner Chris Maunder is going to reopen his previous location, at 2911 W Berry St by TCU, on Monday from now until the foreseeable future.

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Maunder and his employees met last night (Tuesday) and discussed the temporary Berry reopening. “Everybody’s real excited to get back into room and get back at it,” Maunder said. “We’ve missed each other quite a bit. They’re excited. I’m excited to get back to work, to stay open on Berry until our [Ridglea] room’s complete.”

The only shows Maunder has booked so far are for Big Mike Richardson and his Box of Rock, a popular Tuesday-night staple.

The business to replace The Moon on West Berry reportedly has pulled out, rendering 2911 W Berry vacant for Maunder’s old operation.

“We all miss Berry,” Maunder said. “I miss being out and saying hi to everybody. We’re gonna do what makes us happy.”

Maunder still is in the dark on the Ridglea red tape.