• On the lawn of the state capital in Austin yesterday, about 200 women showed up at an impromptu demonstration called by Grammy nominee Marcia Ball, to protest the state’s adoption of a rule that would effectively shut down the Medicaid Women’s Health Program (see this week’s feature story “War on Women.” )  Wearing red and promising to be back in even greater numbers, the newly organized group “Seeing Red”  are calling for men and women across the state to join them in order to send a message to the  head of the state’s human and health services commission, Tom Suehs, and Governor Rick Perry, who Ball called a “raging hypocrite.” The message is simple, Ball said. “Restore the funding for primary healthcare.”
  • Does this mean that Texas women are getting as mad as women around the country at the right-wing war against women? Sounds like it. We will be watching — and reporting.