At 2 p.m. this afternoon, Planned Parenthood and the  “women’s health express” will be coming to
Fort Worth to protest “attacks on women’s health and family planning” in this
state,  Steve Maxwell, head of the local
Democratic Party, announced yesterday.  Keynote speaker will be Fort Worth state senator
Wendy Davis.


The rally will be held at Magnolia Green Park, 1200 Hemphill
St (on the NW corner of Hemphill and Magnolia.)  

“We will send a loud and clear message to Rick Perry
denouncing the elimination of the Women’s Health Program,” Maxwell said in a
press release.   You can find details of
the attacks on women’s health that have stirred women and men across the
country to take action in this paper’s 
current cover story, “War on Women.”

Political and community activist Eddie Griffin, who is
helping organize the protest here, said “This is the first salvo.”


  1. Betty, please make sure that the FW Weekly somehow makes note that the Star-Telegram is refusing to run next week’s Doonesbury strips which highlight the Texas legislature’s and Rick Perry’s part in the ongoing war on women and their reproductive rights.
    The S-T is already running Doonesbury on their editorial page, but they STILL have announced that they won’t be running next week’s strips at all. This is clearly a political decision, since none of the strips mention anything or use any language that hasn’t been all over the paper.
    It should surprise no one that the Star-Telegram is a good soldier in the right’s war on women, but please use whatever influence you have to see that the Weekly calls them out on it.