Patty Henderson, the widow of Bug Henderson, sent an email announcing a Celebration of Bugs’ Life at 3 p.m. Tuesday at Moore’s Store in Ben Wheeler, Texas.

The celebration will include plenty of stories about Bugs, live music, laughter, and tears.

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Everyone is welcome, and casual attire is cool (few people dressed more casually than Bugs).

“All are encouraged to wear their checked Vans or red tennis shoes to to honor his classic style,” Patty Henderson wrote.


  1. i had the unique pleasure of sitting in a small bar with some friends and listened to bugs do his thing. the thing that i remember about that night was the bugs would take you down one road, and then just simply yank you down another. this went on for about 4 hours. by the end of the evening, i was so worn out, that i would not have been able to listen to anymore music. simply put, he was probably one of the best musicians, and showmen i have ever seen. and believe me, i have seen them all.

    rip bugs. yer jammin with jimi and janis and all the others now. what a concert that will be.

  2. ‘Bugs’ and I have been knowing each since the Mid 60’s, when he was playing with “Mouse & The Traps. Back when my band “Kenny Wayne & The Kamotions,” “Joe Stampley & The Uniques,” “John Fred & The Playboys” and “Mouse & The Traps” all recorded at ‘Robin Hood Brian’s Studio’ and played the same nite clubs, beer joints, frat dances and teen club circuits. Thus it was only natural that I had “The Bug Man,” “Rockin’ Ron Thompson” and Bobby Chitwood back me on 5 tracks on my previous album “KENNY WAYNE & HIS VERY GUEST ~ BORNED WITH THE BLUES & RAISED ON ROCK N’ ROLL” which Is now legally re-released for the first (1st.) time on CD – Candy Records #CA-2003; (Not counting the 2010 Italian Bootleg CD on Akarma Records!) Naturally ‘Bugs’ played his ass off! May “The Phantom Of The Red Guitar” Rock On and Rest In Heavenly Peace’ My Plazma’; You were “The Best Damn Plank Spanker In The World” that I’ve ever been privileged to know; Bar None!!!!