Tomorrow (Saturday) is the day to get your grubby mitts on an album of pure, unbridled, unapologetic pop-punkery, Hispanola, the debut full-length by Perdition, the Fort Worth quartet whose song “Race for the Rabid” made HearSay’s top songs of 2011. Out on Denton’s Dang!Records, Hispanola is 10-tracks long and features such inevitable hits as “These Are the Droids We’re Looking For,” “I Don’t Get Drunk, I Get Awesome,” “Bitch, I Hold Babies All the Time,” and the aforementioned “Race for the Rabid.” The track “Gatorade Punch” has gotten the video treatment (see: below) and will be included on a forthcoming 7-inch split EP, DIY ’til Death, Vol. 1, with DC Fallout, Allout Helter, and Samuel Caldwell’s Revenge. The track, a furious but melodic jaunt, is available for free download here. Dang! also offers CD/shirt/poster packages.