night, April 16, at 5:30 in the Fort Worth ISD board room, 2903 Shotts Street,
the trustees will open a meeting that will, before the night is over, determine
who will represent the redrawn District 8 until the spring of 2013. At least
that’s the plan.


district lost its representative, Juan Rangel, when his residence was carved
out and shifted into the newly drawn District 9. Both single-member districts
were created under the U. S. Voting Rights Act because of a dramatic increase
in the minority population of the district as a whole as shown by the 2010

the citizens of District 8, which is now almost 65 percent Hispanic according
to the United Hispanic Council, will not get to decide by casting their votes,
the standard way to elect one’s representative in a democratic society.
Instead, the board will vote Monday on who will fill the empty seat until 2013
when regular elections are scheduled. Complicating matters was the abrupt resignation
of the board president Ray Dickerson, for health reasons he said, a few months
ago, a post once elected at large, but one that now will be decided by the
board choosing one of their own following the next election. Until then, Rangel,
who was board vice president under Dickerson, has been elevated to fill that
post by his board colleagues.

across the district have been lobbying heavily for the board to choose a Latino
to fill the seat due to what they consider the spirit of the voting rights act,
that is to have single member districts represented by those reflecting the district’s
majority members.

Florez, head of the United Hispanic Council here, spoke of the Latino
community’s efforts to support one of their own for the job in a recent press
release. “Because the vast majority of the students in the Fort Worth
independent School District are Hispanic, last summer we fought a tough and
contentious battle to create an additional majority functional Hispanic
opportunity district, where people there will have an opportunity to elect a
candidate of their choice. Hispanics simply need a stronger voice in making
school district policy. …If it hadn’t been for the protections offered by the
Voting Rights Act and a threat of legal action against the school district,
it’s doubtful that we would have succeeded.

see, those with political power never share it willingly; they have to beforced.
That’s just the way it is.”

the final list of five candidates, recently picked by the board out of 14 who applied,
has only two Hispanic names on it: Anahi Esparza, 27, a TCU graduate and
Spanish teacher in the Grand Prairie school district and Joe Ralph (J.R.) Martinez,
45, a graduate of Texas Wesleyan University and a Realtor who serves on the
city’s building standards commission.

other candidates, two Anglos and one black, are: Margaret Thomas,74, who was
district director for former Republican state representative Anna

and is currently a GOP precinct chairperson seeking reelection; Isaac Manning,
53, owner of Trinity Works and father of two Paschal HS students,

president of that school’s booster club and was on the school district’s bond
oversight committee; and Richard Lee Troy, Jr., 54, anemployee of Miller
Brewing Co., with a degree in criminal justice from Dallas Baptist University.

Florez  and other progressive political activists
such as Aracely Chavez, president of the Tejano Democrats, and a former school
district employee who was fired for blowing the whistle on the breakdown of the
Tyler Technologies payroll computer program that overpaid 2,000 employees more
than $1.5 million in 2010, have been openly lobbying for Martinez. Florez said,
however, that Esparza is highly qualified as well.

are organizing Hispanics to show up in force Monday night to ask the board to appoint
one of them, preferably Martinez, to the seat that is heavily weighted in a
Latino’s or Latina’s favor.

with a board that’s been disparaged as “bungling” by the Star-Telegram’s editorial pages, and has been shown by stories in this
paper as one whose members work together about as cordially as the Gingham Dog
and the Calico Cat, bets are that the votes will be split in so many ways that
no one will get a majority.

remains hopeful. “I anticipate a review with structured questioning of the
candidates followed by deliberation among board members and voting. I am
hopeful that we will have a final candidate at the close of the evening,” she
wrote in an email.

if not for lobbying for your favorite candidate, for the entertainment:
Democracy in action, Fort Worth style.



  1. 74 years old??? REALLY? wow, anything to keep the votes the way they are needed…the old money bags of the FORT WORTH way…

  2. I hope every Latino and Latina in District 2 remembers that Tobi Jackson STILL follows the lead of Judy Needham. She is a worthless, two faced hypocrite who must be voted out in the next election.

  3. Here we go again! Really? I would be surprised if a Hispanic gets voted for the open position, not so much b/c the board is racist, which they are, but b/c they, like in Dansby’s case, already have their candidate of choice! The person voted in will no doubt be a Needham cronie, simply to keep her dark BS at bay; otherwise, you get someone new to the district and they might actually make waves and uncover more crap! FWISD can’t afford that, which is why Dansby was voted in, b/c he is part of that corruption. So why not vote for another person who has ties to the head witch, to keep them close and keep their mouths shut! This poilitical inbred BS is almost comical now…no need to even foreshadow…it’s all in the bag like it always is! Guarantee that whoever is voted in tonight, has SOME TIE to Needham or Dansby…you watch! And if I happen to eat crow, and I hope I do, I hope the new person is Hispanic and doesn’t have any links to Needham or any other corrupted board member. It’s time to have new blood that will be strong and straight up, and not a PU**Y WHIP like most of the current members are under Needham’s regime. I guess we’ll find out soon enough! Are you ready to RUMBLEEEEEE???

  4. Good Evening. I would like to start off by saying,Thank you,t.jackson! The East side,District 2 area has never been represented like it is now under the reign of t.jackson! She has done and represented this area in a manner of which every school and child should be and deserves ! To all her nay-sayers, you all need to do some research! I doubt if you live or even visit the District 2 East side of Fort Worth! Therefore you couldn’t really know what she has accomplished! Tobi believes in equality for every Child, straight across the entire FWISD!! This isn’t about the grown people,its about the Children that need and deserve a voice! Tobi is that voice! She is a hands on Trustee! Some are intimidated and certaintly not used to her way of doing things but I have seen results from her actions that Im sure should of happened long ago! Tobi’s passion for the Children, as well as for the faculty and staff at the elementary school that I work at is undeniable! We are regaining our place in this community that we should have never lost! under Tobi’s leadership we can only move forward,and we are! Yes,I adress Mrs.Jackson as Tobi! I am not an administrator or educator. I am Susan Moffitt, Head Custodian aka Queen Custodian at Eastern Hills Elementary! Trust me when I say Tobi believes in and practices equality,it is not to be questioned. I am Proof! Thank You,Girl!! You Rock! “THE TIME IS NOW”

  5. Dear t.jackson supporter: You are either on crack or Barbara Griffin. Either way, you are obviously white. Tobi Jackson has yet to take a position on any issue which was not directed by her handler, Judy Needham. Minorities will organize and unite to ensure she is not re-elected. Talk is cheap and you obviously talk as good a game as she does. But Tobi has no character; no ethics. Just look at her record.

  6. Obviously my friend above did not read the entire comment by Susan Moffitt but his/her comments about Jackson’s record and her inability to think for herself are spot on. The vote the other night was just another example of how she talks a good game but fails to deliver. She may well have found a sympathetic minority in “Queen Custodian” – so what? As a parent I am throughly disgusted with her performance to date. She promised to be a reformer. Instead she was part of the witch hunt and cover-up. She has to go.

  7. We’ve just gone back 50 years. If Jackson’s skin was another color, yet voted the same way, would you still stick with your comments? Since when does the color of your skin reflect the the job you can do. The above comments only want to bring race into this discussion when it should be about the qualifications of the person. No one can change the color of their skin.

    Instead of claiming Jackson can’t think her for herself, why don’t you bring some examples to the table. This job has no pay (unlike Superintendent). Jackson is the only Trustee I’ve seen at a school, however, many have “volunteered” to speak at Career Day, but in the end, failed to show up. Jackson knows what is lacking on the Eastside of Fort Worth. She listens to the teachers and understands whats going on. That’s the important part, as a parent. I am not a parent of a FWISD student, but I’m an important part of the very confused and suffering FWISD. Instead of bringing race into the mix, start a discussion and “organize and unite” to push those in charge to get a plan together to help our schools, and not just FWISD, the whole state of Texas is in trouble.

    I hate being involved in these discussions, because nothing ever gets solved from this. But as a 32 year old, I just hate to see us throwing race into EVERYTHING. The racism won’t end until people start to realize, we can’t do anything about the color of our skin, but we all have opinions on what the “right” thing to do is….and not everyone is out to make one race the ultimate race.

    I will not respond again, this is hateful on all parts.

  8. This isn’t about race – its about another wirthless, unethical, double-talking politician. Jackson’s “record” speaks for itself. Latinos are finally “coming of age”. They are taking control of their own destiny and that of their children. Jackson’s vote was politically motivated to both support Needham and attempt to endear herself with African-Americans. NO ONE WAS FOOLED. If she “listens to teachers” it is not apparent from her record. Thank you for agreeing “…not to respond again.” Your type of blind, herd mentality is why we are in the shape we are in. WAKE UP!!!

  9. Well Dang!! How is Everyone doing this Fantastic Friday?? I’m going to go ahead and address the following comments! @ purveyor of the truth…did you prepare “your crow” a little extra special,this TIME???? I mean you are used to eating it,RIGHT??!!!! WoW,is Needham really all THAT? You sure do give her alot of it!!:) @ Tobi is outta here…you know what they say about people who assume!! hahahhaha !! Is there a problem with White?? @ Tobi has got to go…Do you even live in District 2? If so,invite Tobi to come to your childs school. I guarantee she will! @ no voice at all…It’s clear you DON’T!!! 🙂 @parent says you say this isn’t about race…hmmmmm according to your response you say latinos are FINALLY coming of age Whats been the HOLD UP? To endear herself with the African-Americans. Realllllly???? You Don’t Have A Clue and i would like to know which part of the “RECORD” you are referring to! Please Share and maybe its time for you to Wake Up or maybe just a nap is needed! jk……..ONE LAST THOUGHT, nawwwwww none of the above referenced are worth sharing it with!!!!!!! Thanks for the entertainment,It has been so much fun!!

  10. You are right “Parent” about this NOT being about race; it’s about doing the right thing for the ENTIRE district, not just your sole district, which she apparently says she does, but her record begs to differ! Jackson and other board member’s voting records on matters that could’ve brought positive change in our district, have been waylaid by their alliance to Needham! She has always and continues to date, to run this district, not the Super! Yes, this district is operating, and always has, with a 50 yr old mindset on issues dealing with race, gender, sexuality and so forth. This is why we are so screwed up; the adults are playing pissing games with each other, as the students are getting more and more behind academically. It is this district that DOES make it about race, not the public! Tobi, and other board members like her, are in it for themselves, for political and personal gain. Why can’t she and the others work together to make this ENTIRE district better as a whole, and not just as one part? When board members act in a solitarian manner and not egalitarian, it’s not a wonder they can never agree on anything that serves in the best interests of our students and employees! I’ve said it a thousand times…this district talks a good talk, but always fails to deliver, unless there is something in it for them, like power, position and money!

  11. @ tobi is outta here: My vote on your question as to whether “t jackson supporter” is either on crack or Barbara Griffin HAS to be the former, considering her BS comments! Hey t jackson supporter, go somewhere else and comment on things you know! Leave the grown up comments to people who have followed this disgraceful board and administration, for longer than you have probably have been alive, unless you’re Needham disguising as a jackson supporter! And hell, if you are Needham, you’ve been alive longer than anyone I know! No one really cares about Jackson, and the only reason she was even mentioned on these comments is b/c of that jacked up voting at the board mtg on Monday. Although she has always been a Needham cronie, her seat is worthless like she is and doesn’t warrant the attention, at least not from me anyone after this post! I just find it funny how Neeham is starting to resemble that game people play with Kevin Bacon. The six degrees of separation of Kevin Bacon should be renamed as the Six degrees of speparation of Neeham! Someone is always associated with that evil B, no matter how you slice and dice it, someone always has ties with Needham! So relax t.jackson supporter, your alliance to Jackson is not that special or unique. Again, WHO CARES about Jackson!

  12. Again…….Bring something, ANYTHING to prove what yall say her record shows! Thanks so much for the compliment! But age aside.are you saying that the schools she represents aren’t worthy of representation? Because it sounds like it when you say “her seat is worthless”! OK,so you think Needham runs this board and if thats the case why is only district 2’s seat worthless? Would it possibly be because McClung deemed it kinda unneccessary? I mean HELL,not saying she said it but bot once in at least 5 years do I recall her presence! I believe, and PLEASE correct me if I’m WRONG, but don’t all the CHILDREN in Fort Worth DESERVE the SAME Respect? So,,’frustrated” we over here on the EAST side CARE about JACKSON and APPRECIATE her being our VOICE! BUT HELL,you make it clear, LOUD & CLEAR that you don’t think EVERY CHILD deserves equal representation! So you stay wherever your side of town is because you couldn’t possibly live over here on the EAST SIDE, DISTRICT 2!! You would then know what you say is so UNTRUE!! BTW-NEEDHAM these folks think and give you so much POWER,I’m thinking I probley need to meet the Most Powerful Woman in Fort Worth! lmAo !!!! ignorance is……. Damn, I think its the ignorance of “frustrated” and others that have this city divided! What a Shame! 🙁

  13. To “tjackson supporter” or should I simply say “Tobi”…. so much for “….I will not respond again…” Crack still cloud’in the brain I see…. What part about LOOK AT HER RECORD don’t you get? She has NEVER voted differently from Needham. Just watch at the next Board Meeting. She should be counting her remaining days on the Board.

  14. @Tobi is outta here: First of all, I don’t think you’re Tobi Jackson at all, because I believe she uses proper grammar! Secondly, I find it funny that YOU are the only supporter that Jackson has to come on here and comment to her defense. No, you are definitely NOT Jackson, but mostly the “Queen Custodian”, who feels her allegiance to Jackson, because she probably reminds you of “Driving Miss Daisy”! Read and I assume you do to some extent, ALL of the articles about FWISD in the last 2 years and see for yourself how racially divided the board has been, regardless of minorities being the largest number, in terms of students! The vote last Monday night was casted for the right candidate; however, the taxpayers and people close to this district, fighting for justice on many things, noticed the set-up; the shameful manner in which Needham and Jackson tried to off-set the board once again (the first time was with Whites, by having Dickerson as President and Johnson, as the Superintendent) to gain even more control! You have NO CLUE about the dynamics, because you are sharing your comments on ONE STORY! They wanted another “Yes” person on their side, and definitely NOT a Hispanic; b/c Needham and Jackson can’t stand Vasquez and Rangel! They (Needham and Jackson) could’ve both voted for Manning, who is White, just like Robbins did, but they didn’t; b/c that would’ve been too obvious and they probably didn’t have a stronghold on Manning! They voted for Troy, hoping Sims would follow suit, have a majority and rule their way again. Fortunately, Sims didn’t vote their way! Sims didn’t vote for either White or Black; he voted the best candidate for the job, and rightfully so, who happened to be Hispanic! I commented on another blog that Sims appears to follow Needham’s lead most time, since she gave the most money for his campaign for the board. However, I am thinking he is trying to distance himself from her and her dirty politics, as was evident from Monday’s vote! Jackson on the hand is true blue to Needham; they run in the same circles, with the same corrupted folks! GET A CLUE!!! The board should ALL make decisions in the best interest of ALL kids in this district, black, brown, white and so forth, but they don’t and never will! They vote by favors, alliances, and dirty closed door deals! They all could stand to make better decisions as a whole, for the whole, and not just a piece, as I have blogged on another story! Unfortunately, this is not how politics works, and this god forsaken district is proof of that! They vote against each other just because they can! If you “Tobi is outta here” did read all of the stories thus far, you would understand that it IS ABOUT Eastside versus Southside versus Northside, etc. Because THIS DISTRICT DIVIDES US ON PURPOSE, in terms of which schools get the best resources, teachers, and the most $ to do the most for students. And the way the board has voted thus far, is indicative of this unjust and selective process! It’s about them, NOT US! ALL of the board, including administration, needs to be scraped and started all over again! THEY are the ones who could care less about ALL of our kids, our minority kids, who are always left to fin for themselves in these predominantly minority school areas! Personally, I think IT IS YOU “tobi supporter”, who has grown complacent, thinking Jackson is doing the best for ALL in district 2! You say she is great? Fine, praise be to Jackson! Maybe she felt remorse after watching the movie “The Help”. Again, no one cares, except for you, about Jackson! She is just an end piece to a much bigger sinister puzzle!

  15. I can only speak about what I know is True! We have received nothing but support from Tobi, I guess when you haven;t received anything prior to her,it should be easy to understand my position, Why or how is it that no one cares about such a “end piece” but feels it neccessary to blast her at every oppurtunity? Tobi must be more significant than you and this small little group would like to admit. Again, I can only speak about what I have seen first hand and me, complacent is funny! I have never had to,or will I ever settle for anything I don’t agree with. Yes,I do Care! I Care very much about the children and so does Tobi! Thank you for your praise for Jackson, she deserves it!

  16. You don’t know much. You don’t write as if you were a parent in her District. She is a fraud. “End Piece”? Gee, what does that mean? My $$$ is on her writing these entries for you or perhaps one of her cronies. I will gladly spend $5,000 and walk door to door to support ANYONE who runs against her. Our children deserve more than a follower. More than someone trying to cover-up.

  17. @ Parent says: Jackson supporter was jabbing at my comment about no one caring about Jackson, b/c she was just an “end piece” to a much bigger sinister puzzle! The comment was a jab at Jackson’s self-importance!

  18. The very next time I read a blog, I hope that it
    doesn’t fail me just as much as this particular one. I mean, Yes, it was my choice to read through, but I really thought you would probably have something helpful to talk about. All I hear is a bunch of moaning about something that you could fix if you were not too busy seeking attention.