Rapper/funnyman Andy Samberg was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and talked about his decision to leave Saturday Night Live.

Like many of his predecessors, he’s ready to make movies and become a billionaire.

Still, I hate to see the dude go. Samberg’s Saturday Night music videos were often the highlight of the show.


Time will tell whether Samberg becomes a movie star or not. His new movie That’s My Boy looks funny from the clips I’ve seen.

But the PSA video he debuted on Kimmel’s show was a real stinker.



  1. If Samberg tries to be a movie star, he’ll wind up as a poor man’s Ben Stiller. He should go into music. There are few people making funny music, and making hilarious music videos seems to be where Samberg’s genius lies. If he makes music, he’ll wind up as a souped-up version of Weird Al Yankovic, and he can have a movie career on the side. That seems like a better fate.