McClatchy, the corporation that owns the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, is on its way to implementing paywalls at its papers.

Don’t be surprised to log on to the Star-Telegram website before the year is done and discover you need a subscription to get your daily dollop of drivel.

Maybe the paywalls will provide badly needed revenue to help stop the hemorrhaging at McClatchy that has resulted in massive layoffs company wide, including hundreds of layoffs at the Star-Telegram in recent years.


  1. I just wrote an email to them recently, saying that I hope they never do that.

    I guess that is why they didn’t reply.

  2. The Star-Telegram has come to my family’s Fort Worth house since 1924. It still does, because my 83 year old mother pays for it. When she goes, so will the S-T. Since the family is a print subscriber, we also get some access to its online stuff, I guess. But why on earth would I, a gay man married to another gay man, not a Republican, and who does not live in one of the “signature” areas (Ryan Place, Southlake, etc.) be interested in either their paper or their electronic editions. The Abilene Reporter-News or Lubbock Avalanche-Journal seem as relevant to my life and interests as the S-T. Anyway, I can have a real newspaper (DMN) delivered, and in fact do.

    • Your poor mother. Having a son like you who disses Republicans and west Texas and who reads the Dallas Morning News. Oh, the humanity.

  3. Doesn’t make sense since you can get tons of relevant news from other online services for free. Right now it comes in paper form ONLY because my wife likes to read the adverts. Very little content in the S-T is relevant to me (personally) and the size is shrinking as fast as a melting snowman.