Furman (at lecturn) defends herself at last week’s Kennedale school board meeting. Courtesy Kennedale ISD
Furman (at lecturn) defends herself at last week’s Kennedale school board meeting. Courtesy Kennedale ISD

A handful of pissed-off parents are shaking things up in the Kennedale school district, where a private daycare business run by two district administrators has raised questions about a conflict of interest.

The after-school program for Kennedale’s two elementary schools, James F. Delaney and R.F. Patterson, is a for-profit business owned by Karen Furman, one of the district’s three associate superintendents, and Jan Cleere, the district’s coordinator of assessment and accountability.

Parents and at least one school board member believe that arrangement constitutes a clear conflict of interest, in this district of about 3,000 students southeast of Fort Worth. There are also concerns that the two administrators and school board may have violated several of the district’s own policies.


Furman and Cleere have never filed conflict-of-interest forms, as district rules require, and ran their business without a written contract with the district until 2010. Records indicate they ran the business, at least in part, out of their school offices and used district employees, like the school secretary, to process parents’ applications. They continue to receive a deep discount on monthly rent for using school facilities, and there are no records that the school board ever allowed other daycare businesses a chance to bid on providing the service.

As a result, the school board met in closed session last week with an attorney hired to investigate possible improprieties with the daycare service. The Texas Education Agency has received a complaint about the daycare and will investigate claims of misconduct over the next few weeks.

“I feel betrayed by the administration and board,” Kennedale parent Elisha Woodson said at a board meeting in July. “As a parent, I trusted that the board and administration followed the law to protect my child, and you have not.”

Asked if he believed the daycare was a beneficial and fair service to the district,  Kennedale Superintendent Gary Dugger Dugger said that was “a tough question.”

“I don’t see any problem with it,” he said. “I’ll say that much.”

Though Furman and Cleere have run the side business since at least 2004, it wasn’t until a former Kennedale teacher posted a YouTube video of the June school board meeting that many parents and teachers learned who was running the daycare, called Imagination Zone, or I-Zone.

In that meeting, the school board seems ready to renew the daycare’s contract without any discussion when board member Julie Green questions why the district is giving such a huge rental discount to the business.

“I did some math on it… . When I broke it down, it’s about three hours a day they run I-Zone for 20 days on a normal month. That’s $8.75 a day that they are paying for rent,” Green said. “It looks bad that there’s two directors who work at KISD that are getting to do this for $175 [a month per school]. The perception is just not good.”

After several board members expressed disapproval of Green’s comments, she made a motion to postpone the contract renewal decision until the board could gather more information about the pricing of similar daycare programs. Green was outvoted 7-2, after which the board renewed the contract without taking any bids from other daycare services.

At least one other daycare program has had no chance to bid on the after-school business at the two elementaries despite expressing a willingness to pay higher rent and offer parents lower prices.

Academic Athlete, a similar program in nearby Mansfield, charges parents $10 less per week than I-Zone and pays that district more than twice as much in rental fees as I-Zone pays to Kennedale.

“At one point, we had contacted Kennedale, but … they weren’t interested in even hearing about our program,” said Jason Roberts, Academic Athlete’s executive director.

Because Roberts’ daycare is a nonprofit, it receives a discount from the Mansfield district on use of school facilities. A for-profit business would pay even more. When told about the $8.75 a day that I-Zone pays Kennedale, Roberts was surprised.

“That would be nice,” he said.

Jason Galloway, a parent of two Kennedale students, was “flabbergasted” when he learned about the rental rates.

“The rent is ridiculously cheap,” he said. “They are making a lot of money that I think should be — the school should be maximizing its potential income from this.”

Before 2004, the school district itself ran the daycare. Furman and Cleere took over after district auditors recommended that the service be privatized.

Furman spoke to the board last week, acknowledging that she hadn’t turned over personal financial records to the district, on advice of her attorney.

She and Cleere were, respectively, a counselor and a teacher when they took over, going into debt to get the business started, Furman said.

“We were asked to provide this service. Why us? Because nobody else wanted to take it on,” Furman said. “If there is something that needs to be addressed, rest assured that it will be addressed… . Many educators work second jobs to supplement their income.”

Furman and Dugger suggested that the furor was the result of one person “trying to sabotage the whole thing,” as Dugger put it. Neither gave a name.

Bryan Kuykendall, the former teacher who posted the video, has written about the daycare on a personal blog. He’s pretty sure he is the person being referred to. He’s done a lot of research, obtaining many public records on the topic.

Based on those records, he thinks there’s a problem.

Kuykendall asked for the district’s contracts with I-Zone, which only go back to 2010 –– six years after Furman and Cleere started the daycare. The first contract was signed in November 2010 but retroactively approved use of school facilities back to the start of school in August.

On tax forms filed with the Texas comptroller’s office, Furman lists her school district work number as the business contact. District policy states that “an employee shall not use his or her position with the district to attempt to sell products or services.”

Neither Furman nor Cleere ever filed affidavits with the school board officially disclosing their ownership of the business, which district policy requires. The policy’s definition of fraud includes “misappropriation of … district assets, including employee time.”

There hasn’t been much effort at transparency, either.

The I-Zone website didn’t provide information about Furman and Cleere until the heat was turned up this summer, when the site was updated from a single page with information about how to sign up for the service to a glossy multi-page site with profiles of the owners and their positions with the school district.

At last week’s meeting, the school board voted to hold a public forum to hear from the community on the issue. There’s no date yet.

Maria Douglas, a parent with six children in Kennedale schools, said there’s a principle at stake that has nothing to do with grudges.

“It’s not about the personalities,” she said. “I’m really hoping that the school board is brave and transparent enough to ask the hard questions.”


  1. I really hope this helps bring transperancy to the district. The public forum will only be successful if the board listens and doesn’t manipulate the public comments. Instead of focusing on charging organizations that provide student services maybe we should start with looking at the difference between non-profit and for profit.

    • This is rediculous. First the school board tries to screw up the lion king play last year. Then the run the principal and vice principal out of Patterson. Now this. I think a change in leadership is needed. I plan on running for school board next year. We need honest people in charge that care about the kids more than their greedy pockets.

        • That’s it. Focus on what is REALLY important. A misspelled word vs. tens of thousands of dollars embezzled from the public by two administrators, a superintendent who doesn’t see a problem with it, and at least five Board Members who were accomplices to the cover-up. Resign Dugger, but only after you fire these two unethical hypocrites and thieves.

          • I would be careful all of you using the words “embezzeled” and the such………

            Unless there is proof you could be sued for libel.

          • Funny, I thought the below market lease to employees who were running a business out of their offices while on the company clock would cause one to at least pause…………

      • First of all — the Lion King was illegal. It was not licensed and the school used graphics and print EXACTLY from the broadway show. The principal admitted that she was in the wrong — the board (Dr. Walker) did the best he could to give the students a chance to perform. Secondly – have you met the new administration at Patterson??????? They are wonderful – it is like a dream to work there now.

        So glad to not be working for a TYRANT anymore!!!!!! And I am not alone in feeling this way……

        • The principal admitted she was in the wrong because Dr. Walker told her she had to stand in front of the parents and take full responsibility for the cancellation of the show. If the show was so illegal, why did the board allow the exact same show to be performed one week later? By allowing that performance, can we say that the board supported that illegal activity?
          While Admin was meeting on that Friday to discuss the show, the principal nor anyone else from Patterson was invited to attend those meetings. They were not allowed the opportunity to give any input. They were simply given a directive from Admin at the end of the school day to cancel the show. Sounds to me like Admin was trying to make the principal look bad. Too bad that most of the parents blamed Admin instead of the principal. They could see how poorly it was handled by Admin.

    • This issue really isn’t about profit vs. non-profit. That is a tax classification. An organization can be non-profit and distribute “profits” in salary to an employee. People can make serious money employed by a non-profit.

      • The problem here isn’t even a tax issue. The problem here is not following their own rules and policies to allow one of their own a special deal that no one else is given. They also didn’t allow for anyone else a chance to bid on the services. Sounds a bit fishy to me.

        • Taxpayer, which specific policy & law(s) did they violate? I’m interested by I don’t see specific references only broad accusations.

  2. Wake up parents and taxpayers!! “I don’t see anything wrong with it” – Kennedale Superintendent Gary Dugger. WHAT? Where is the D.A. Every one of the Board Members involved in this from the Superintendent on down to the two embezzlers running this operation should be indicted for fraud. Resign Dugger. it is the only reasonable thing to do now. Obviously you have no ethics!

  3. Why is there even DISCUSSION about what should be done? The two administrators should resign immediately or be fired. This is fraud and embezzlement.

  4. Why can’t finanical records be disclosed? “Let’s be transparent!” What are you hiding? There is a lot of dishonesty in admin…..and we are sending our children to these educators each day to teach morals, value, and responsibility?
    School Board Members – you are elected to represent the people of the community, not cover up for unethical leaders in our community.

    • Dr. Furhman chose, against the direction of her attorney, to disclose what she made…$26 an hour. I’m still waiting to hear how many hours she claims a year. She also stated her and Ms. Cleere work “countless” hours during the summer. It must be hard to work countless hours during the summer when you are still working full time for the district, but I guess that is why the business phone for iZone is the same as her district line.

      • It’s interesting how words like ‘fraud’ and ’embezzlement’ keep getting thrown around. I don’t know enough about public school law and ethics to know if this was any real breach or a simple paperwork error. I suspect many of you don’t either.

        But this is what makes the news at this publication?

        • Too bad your name is not your motto. Funny, I thought the below market lease to employees who were running a business out of their offices while on the company clock would cause one to at least pause…………

        • Ms. Woodson, I find it interesting that you didnt feel this animosity towards the district leaders and Karen Furman when you applied to be her assistant. Seems like you jumped on that bandwagon when you didnt get that job.

          All this mess is due to a possible pedophile, his need to exact revenge for getting busted, and the small handful of misinformed friends of his.

          Thank God for the kids of KISD that coward chose to resign & run in shame when he was accused. Some of you should pull his financial records & see how much money he was spending on little boys in the district (grooming??).

          When you step back & look at who is making these allegations & stirring the pot, you can easily see whats really going on!

        • Ms. Woodson, I find it interesting that you didnt feel this animosity towards the district leaders and Karen Furman when you applied to be her assistant. Seems like you jumped on that bandwagon when you didnt get the job.

          All this mess is due to a possible pedophile, his need to exact revenge for getting busted, and the small handful of misinformed friends of his.
          That coward chose to resign & run in shame when he was accused. Some of you should pull his financial records & see how much money he was spending on little boys in the district (grooming?).

          When you step back & look at who is making these allegations, you can easily see whats really going on!

          • Since you obviously don’t mind calling others cowards then put your REAL NAME up and quit hiding. I would be very careful putting false statements out there like this. By the way how does one get someone’s financial records. I would love to know what Furman and Cleere are hiding that they refuse to hand them over. By the way things you should ask yourself: If he was a pedophile WHY weren’t the POLICE called? hmmm… Why did the parents of this “boy” stand behind him and support him? hmmm… GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before making accusations that you know nothing about.

          • I interviewed with Dr. Furhman over a year ago. It was a wonderful interview and opportunity. I am thankful for the outcome, as God had a plan that I wasn’t yet aware of.

            I made the decision to speak out on my own, not once did Mr. K reach out to me before that decision was made.

            The decision to speak out against something I feel is wrong was mine and mine alone. It is attacks like this that keep the community at home on board meeting nights. It is widely known if you speak out be prepared for the aftermath. I am happy to use my name, as again, this is my decision.

  5. As a member of the KISD Board of Trustees (Board), I shall promote the best interests of the District as a whole and, to that end, shall adhere to the following ethical standards:



    I will be fair, just, and impartial in all my decisions and actions.
    I will accord others the respect I wish for myself.
    I will encourage expressions of different opinions and listen
    with an open mind to others’ ideas.
    I will attempt to accept criticism without getting defensive or

  6. the law is the law, and there are rules and contracts for a reason to keep people from being dishonest and abusing our systems. this shouldnt be up for discussion period. this needs to be delt with to the fullest and no exceptions. why is it that kennedale doesnt get any “GOOD” recognition? the only time we seem to make it to the news is when kennedale is being disgraced by teachers sleeping with students, conspiracy, money embeslement and murders…

    • It is clear that people in this boondoggle are in one of three categories. Those on the outside who see this for what it is, a clear violation of District principles and defensive cronyism. The Administrators and Board who either make a bunch of money or try to sweep a stinky situation under the carpet to save their job/position. And those teachers who are also I-Zone employees who are in the middle of this mess and run the risk of getting steamrolled if they don’t “go along” with this travesty.

      Solution: Vote em out then throw em out!

  7. I see nothing wrong with a business earning a profit; but also I do not know the legal definition of a conflict of interest; nor have I heard both sides of the story. Regardless it appears Furman has a bird-nest on the ground. I am curious to see how the board responds to the recent publicity about this issue; as there is two sides to every story.

    What I’d like to say to the community is…. if you are so unhappy with the way things are in Kennedale; stop being anonymous and let your voice be heard. AND DO IT AT THE POLLS! Do it with your votes – elect new people. Get rid of the good old boy network(s) and be prepared to get involved. Don’t just sit around and complain. Somebody has to volunteer to fill these positions and carry out the work.

    Lots of people in town are drinking the same koolaid. The koolaid being delivered by those in power… if you take a look around – notice the various organizations of power & influence are made up of, or collaborating with many of the same people. School Board, Rotary, Chamber, City Hall etc – have some of the same people sitting on multiple boards, dishing out the same shit. Now let me be clear; I am not saying those organizations are corrupt in any way – WE HAVE SOME AWESOME PEOPLE IN THOSE ORGANIZATIONS. However I’ve seen it multiple times, if you get cross-wise with the wrong people or have a business in town yet refuse to kiss everybody’s ass – you will be ostracized in every possible way. This is just my opinion…

    It will be very interesting to see what, if anything happens over this issue. I’m willing to bet – if nothing happens & the status quo remains Julie Green has served her first & last term for the KISD Board of Trustees.

    Another comment I have – is why didn’t the person or persons who broke this story – bring it to Kennedale News? Oh yeah wait…….. never mind…

    As of this week Kennedale News has new owners and I wish them the best of luck!

  8. “Bryan Kuykendall, the former teacher who posted the video, has written about the daycare on a personal blog. He’s pretty sure he is the person being referred to. He’s done a lot of research, obtaining many public records on the topic.”

    Let’s ask Mr. Kuykendall what he is hiding? What are you hiding Mr. Kuykendall? All this talk about two sides to a story, let’s hear why you lost your job and why did you move back to Texas? What happened where you came from before moving back here to Texas?

    • Looks like the admin or school board cronies are out to distract from the point of the story by trying to attack people who proved something questionable is going on here. Instead of attacking others why aren’t you concerned about the clear ethics violations going on by those in leadership. The article wasn’t about Mr. Kukendall or his life. What this article is about is the gross abuse of power and special treatment given to certain select people. Based on your personal attack we can only assume you want to try and distract from the real issue at hand. There seems to be enough questionable things going on here that the Texas Education Agency is involved. This article was researched and vetted by an independent news source and they found enough to bring the information forward! Quit trying to protect yourself or your buddies in the KISD admin and school board by attacking others and start facing the facts that something here wasn’t done right and now real clear action needs to be taken. Those involved need to resign or be fired. If the board doesn’t follow it’s own policies and provide proper stewardship then they need to be recalled and replaced.

    • Hats off to Kuykendahl for exposing this corruption. KISD is starting to look and sound like Fort Worth ISD! when scrambling to cover-up corruption, slander and smear the messenger – the whistleblower. Furman and Cleere should be fired immediately. The Superintendent (who from his comments, obviously knew about this scam) should resign as should every Board Member who EVER voted to approve this lease and agreement.

    • Don’t atttack Mr. K. He was the best teacher I ever had, and the district really cheated him. Kennedale is driving out the good teachers around here and then wondering why we can’t raise our test scores. Mr. K taught me to be a leader and work hard, which is a heck of a lot better than what the board taught me-“Cheat taxpayers and lie like crazy!”

  9. My mom said not to use my name because she doesn’t want me to be singled out. But I would like to say that I am ashamed to be a Wildcat today. I did the math and the money that Karen Furman and Jan Cleere should be paying for rent is close to a HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for a year. That extra money could go towards the Kennedale Students to help with our books and athletic gear, or band instruments or any other needs of students. We as students are not benefiting because the Board and Admin. are cheating the KIDS out of money that could help us in academics and athletics. If the School Board doesn’t stand up for us then who will. Wake up people the kids are the ones suffering here. Shame on Karen Furman and Jan Cleere and shame on the Board Members.

    • Well stated!! The profits of this organization should be recycled back towards the students. I remember having to buy my own cold weather gear for softball because they did not provide them for JV. Then getting yelled at because they were not school colors. Now I hear that the parents are required to buy certain school supplies directly from Kennedale that are extremely marked up. It’s only another way for the school to earn more money. My question is where are these profits going as well?

    • How did you calculate the amount of rent they should be paying? It seems somewhat high. For after school care, the hours are generally 3.5 to 4 hours per day. In FWISD, the YMCA runs after school care programs in the schools. At the time I was with the Y, no rent was charged. Since the Y is a member of United Way, they offered services on a sliding fee scale. I do not know how I-zone handles its finances, but it seems like that these 2 people took on a project that no one else wanted. Now that it is profitable and popular, people are screaming “not fair.” The kids of Kennedale benefit from this program. Otherwise, these ladies would NOT be involved. Teachers and administrators do not get paid by the hour. They are on regular contractual amount per year. Teachers work during the summer, during holidays, and on the weekends when needed to do the job they do. They stay late after school and arrive early. Most PhDs charge between $160 to $180 per HOUR. $26 per hour is a consolation prize.

  10. Mr. Kukendall has always lived in TX.. and never been fired from a single job..let’s focus on the real story instead of your distraction. this abuse of power needs to stop so that the focus can be truly on preparing students for their bright futures- what is this district really teaching them when they act this way.. Shame on the district… and shame on those defending them.

      • Check your map – or send me a new one please.. Because last time I checked both Fort Worth AND Arlington are both in TX… and yes, most people do attend more than one college to continue their education.

        • Hmmmm…. I heard he did some sort of “ministry” in Arkansas. Last I checked that was not part of Texas……….wonder why he left????????

          • Really? How about the fact that his grandfather had a STROKE and no one stepped up in his family to help his grandmother so that he didn’t have to go in a nursing home. He gave 5 years of his life to care for him. The Arkansas Ministry “thing” was an internship for the Summer. He went to TCU for his BS and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for Masters.

        • So did you get that map? Because, unless he commuted to Arkansas everyday for that summer, he lived there. Heck, it was pointless to even say he didnt when he has a photo album on FB dedicated to it! So take your smug attitude & go make a map with it!

          • Can I be your sidekick Scott? You are such a great detective. And your compassion is really shining through too. You are a class act.

  11. It’s a sad day when you have to try and explain to your kids why what so many see as wrong the leaders in the district see as acceptable. Just because something may be legal, doesn’t make it right. In this case the legality is borderline at the very best. But you better darn well not show up with out a belt to school. Priorities.

  12. I just want to say I know firsthand because my child goes to IZONE . We love the program and the employees. The service is caring and safe. I would have a hard time believing anyone is dissatisfied with it. I am proud that the Kennedale Schools use this organization. Thank you Mr. Dugger!

    • Unfortunately you have missed the point here. No one is saying that the workers aren’t great, that having a daycare is bad, or that an onsite daycare shouldn’t be available for parents. The problem, and it is a serious problem, is that the fact that the daycare is owned by one of the district administrators and they have been given preferential treatment is not only unethical it very well could constitute financial fraud which is a crime. I am glad that you enjoy the workers because those people are not the criminals here. The crime here was defrauding the taxpayers with sweetheart deals for insiders and leadership who has broken the law by not upholding their own policies. In the end the parents, taxpayers, and children are suffering because the leadership in the administration and on the school board chose to give one of their own a special deal in violation of state laws and policies to line their pockets. I wouldn’t be thanking a Superintendent who thinks there is not problem with violating state laws and district policies. A good question might be what else illegal or criminal is going on here that we don’t know about!

  13. There are many comments here based on conjecture and guesses. Its my TEA will review the District’s relationship with iZone and issue findings regarding whether it violates the law, board policy or state ethics. Even with all the “great” legal minds on this blog we might want to wait and see what the state authorities say.

  14. Kuykendall has been at the center of this since he resigned. In one of his blogs/rants he said he would get back at those who was responsible for the investigation and it looks like he has made good on those threats. Its interesting that he didn’t raise these issues when he was a teacher. Wonder if the “sheep” that are following him know what really happened & why his attorney suggested he resign rather than fight for his job. People at Penn St. are going to jail for looking the other way, meanwhile some of our residents believe this guy should get “citizen of the year” and believe everthing he says and all the figures he uses. Let’s not be stupid! See what the TEA report says.

    • Well stated! Mr. Kuykendall’s “alleged inappropriate conduct with a student” should be brought up. Is he even a valid source on anything? Sounds like he is angry at the district and is trying to ruin those who were trying to protect the students of the district. And now – it is likely that he is still costing the district thousands with his multitude of open records requests that requires the manpower of the district. He should be in the spotlight for misusing district funds – for his personal retribution attempt. Own up, be a man – tell people why you resigned. Then, they might not be so quick to jump on his bandwagon of hatred.

    • You must obviously be one or connected to one of the Administrators or Board Members involved in the case trying to distract from the point of the story. If Mr. Kuykendall had done anything criminal, I am sure he would have been plastered all over the news like other teachers in our district have been lately. Also, that Firm that the district had to hire to come in and investigate Karen Furman, Jan Cleere, and IZone obviously found something or else there would be no need to send it to TEA. Mr. Kuykendall doesn’t own FW Weekly and since they reported these issues after their own investigation then there is something here no matter who else has said these things before. As for resignations, who wouldn’t want to resign from a place where the people running it seem to have no ethics. Given the personal attacks and the sad insinuations you are trying to make, it’s clear all you are attempting to do is distract, deceive, and destroy to keep the focus off the real story here. Stick to the facts people don’t let them distract you from the real story!

      • Why does   Brian   Kurkendall  care so much about IZONE ?? Sounds like he has a personal issue with Furman. That maybe the real story!

        • My concern is that my child is cared for AND I trust the teachers who are working Izone to do that. They work for our children throughout the day AND after school. Do you want to do away with this program?

          • No one wants to do away with the program. We just want it to be awarded and administered in a way that will be most beneficial to the children and the school district. No one has ever questioned the need for the program or the quality of care the children receive.

        • The issue is Furman Dugger and Cleere belong in the unemployment lines or in ethics 101 class. Either way, all three should be suspended if not FIRED!!

      • Or that could have been an ex-coworker that knows him far better than parents of students he put on a front for. Ever wonder why Kuykendall never lasted with any of his partner teachers? -Why he was constantly moved around ever couple of yrs, between pods and schools? -Why, if he was so great of a teacher and employee, NOT ONE SINGLE coworker stood up for him? -Why the last couple of yrs he worked at JAA he was practically shunned because he was so unbearable?

        Kuykendall has had an obsession with Karen Furman since the district began using Thinking Maps, simply because his opinion wasnt asked when the decision was made. Ion fact, this isnt the first blog/bullying attempt from him. He ran around JAA constantly badmouthing administration, parents, teachers, and even his own bosses, Myra & Danny. His negative bullying attitude brought teacher morale down. He should have been fired a long time ago for insubordination and just plain meanness. He’s a bully and stain on KISD. I feel sorry for the parents that he’s tricked into thinking he was wronged. I hope you soon cut the puppet strings because you are just a pawn in his sick little game.

        Take it from a former coworker–WE ARE GLAD HE IS GONE!

        • Who cares? That is not the issue. The issue is whether Dugger should have allowed this scam to continue and why two senior ranking members of his administration were allowed to obtain sweetheart real estate deals – non competitively.and run a person business while on ISD payroll. Focus on that and stop attacking the whistleblower.

        • No one stood up for him because they were afraid they’d be next. Mr. K was my favorite teacher and JAA, and even if the teachers found him unbearable, the kids did not. He didn’t bring moral down, he brought it up with funny stories and jokes. Besides, that’s not even the issue here. Last I heard, this wasn’t a place to gossip.

          • No one was scared. Truth is, no one could stand to work with him. He was a trouble maker, liar, backstabber, and a poor excuse for a teacher. Kids loved him bc he rarely made them work. No lesson plans, no real learning. Telling stories of his greatness, and hossiping like the teen girls in his class is all he did. He hid it well for awhile, but when you have gt kids, its easier to hide that they arent learning because they were well above the norm. Once he was moved to the upstairs pod, it became very evident.

            Bryan, I know you check this & have your friends send the link out (Ms. Roller) so I hope you see this: none of us were scared to speak up. In fact, many of us have spoken to admin to thank them! Except for the two friends you had left on campus, we were glad to get rid of you. You were and continue to be an embarrassment.

            **and one more thing, stop hiding behind your friends skirts & quit having them send the emails, links, etc.

          • Hey sad! I think that you embarrass the teachers at JAA. Most of us were devastated about Bryan and what he has gone through. It goes to show how one jealous teacher (Ms. McLaughlin) could ruin a person’s life because she was jealous about a friendship with the family outside of work. We all knew about how Bryan and Viola were helping this family. By the way there are still multiple teachers who are still in contact with Bryan and support him. Also, you spell gossip with a “g” not an “h” and your rant makes no sense; Bryan would have been reprimanded if he didn’t do a lesson plan by Danny. I think you are just jealous that he thought out of the box and had different projects that no other teacher would do and the kids and parents loved him for that. What the question that everyone should be asking is Bryan’s replacement Mr. Bowman FLIPPED HIS TEACHER DESK at the students because he was angry at the students for not listening. According to students that spoke with me, he also told them that he had anger problems. I would say that this was Endangerment for the students yet they allowed him to come back the next day. How is this not brought up and given swift action with the Principals and Admin? Also, how it is not theft of property for Ms. Cleere and Ms. Furman to use the public taxpayers’ dollars to conduct IZONE business during school hours is beyond me. We get several emails a week on school time that deal with IZONE business and have for MANY YEARS. Now why are the taxpayers paying for Administrators to do their job for the School District and they are running their own personal business on the School’s clock?
            By the way I also receive emails from Ms. Roller and am glad that people are speaking up. Everyone knows that if you rub people (Admin) the wrong way around here that you’re next on the chopping block and it has been that way for years.

  15. I have been going through hard times and IZONE has helped me by providing a low fee for my child.  I am not the only one getting this discount.  Maybe that is why their rent is so low.  We pay it forward……

  16. Kennedale needs to oust Dugger. There have been a lot of shady dealings in the past. IZone is just the tip of the iceberg. Start looking at how corners were cut on the construction of the high school to pay for an indoor practice field for the football team and a new press box for the stadium.

    He leads by threats and intimidation. He surrounds himself with yeasayers who blindly follow. And he is enabled by a school board who simply rubberstamps his every whim.

    Kennedale parents can start by electing a new school board – a school board that will stand up to Gary Dugger.

    • Mr. Dugger is the reason there still is a KISD. Before he was superintendent we were so far in the red that we we looking at dismantling the district and being absorbed into neighboring districts. We came withing a few months of doing so. It was through his leadership that the district turned it all around. KISD is a great district because of leaders like Gary Dugger, Karen Furman, and the Board.

      Maybe y’all should request those financial records from back then to see what all they have done to improve this district.

  17. Kennedale needs to oust Dugger. There have been a lot of shady dealings in the past. IZone is just the tip of the iceberg. Start looking at how were on the construction of the high school to pay for an indoor practice field for the football team and a new press box for the stadium.

    He leads by threats and intimidation. He surrounds himself with yeasayers who blindly follow. And he is enabled by a school board who simply rubberstamps his every whim.

    Kennedale parents can start by electing a new school board – a school board that will stand up to Gary Dugger.

  18. This article states that the public forum is about IZONE. I might asked where you got this information? The forum is about facility usage? You may want to verify your sources before printing next time. This article has a lot of misinformation .

  19. Seeing Clearly, I’m sorry, but it is hard not to think of you as a “troll” when you are unable to correctly spell the name of the man you are trying to degrade. The name of the man you are questioning is written correctly directly above the comment box.

    Moving on, this is an article informing the community of people who are meant to be in a leadership position, but are using that power to ultimately steal from the students, schools, and taxpayers. In case some people do not understand the laws of Texas regarding Conflict of Interest, you can easily refer to Chapter 171 of the Texas Local Government Code. To make it even easier for people to do research on the matter here is the link

    I advise you to please review this if you are either, a) unsure what the law is or b) do not see a problem with I Zone as apparently Mr. Dugger.

    On the mention of Mr. Kuykendall, because obviously his character determines the cold hard facts, please note that his name is clearly mentioned in this article, therefore he is not “anonymous,” as some claim but he gave full rights for the reporter to use his name and comments. You can also do a very easy research by using the search engine Google and come to his public blog where he clearly shares not only his views, but informs when he writes speculations or when he receives the information straight from the paperwork researched. I am sure the idea that people would think he was just spilling random lies in some vain attempt for a vendetta, he then is so kind as to attach those documents his information is pulled from.

    If after reading the laws, watching the YouTube video where Ms. Green asks “hard” questions, and going over the documents which Mr. Kuykendall researched and you still see no problem with IZONE and the relationships within the board, then by all means this should be ignored and swept under the rug even further.

    (And in case my integrity is questioned I would be happy to release proof that this is not Mr. Kuykendall, but a concerned citizen worried about KISD.)

    • Some of you seem to be in such a hurry to rush to judgment. If you really are interested in the facts and not on a witch hunt then wait and see what TEA says. In addition, some of you are not in command of the facts. For example, Chp 171 of the Local Government Code does NOT apply to school employees. The State of Texas does not include them in the definition of a “local public official.” School Board members would be included in this definition but not these school administators. Again, people need to “chill out” and see what the TEA says. TEA is the school’s governing body and will make an unbiased, independent decision.

      • School board members are the ones who voted FOR this even when Ms. Green asked for further investigation, therefore ch 171 does apply. And yes TEA will be the decision makers but luckily we live in Texas where citizens have through right to be heard and argue on issues that effect their community. In the matter of my children I, nor any parent should take this issue lightly.

    • There is no need to resort to name calling. It is obvious that you are a mature individual making a loyal descision to back someone close to you, and their guilt is waying heavily on you. The digression on your part is only natural to draw attention from the wolf in sheeps clothing that you defend, but please do not offend others as your comrade has done. fore shame..

  20. Yes we do live in Texas and yes the first ammendment gives everyone the right to speak their minds, even if they don’t have a clue about what they are talking about. No, chp 171 does not apply. The fact that Ms. Green asked for a further investigation and the Board voted for the contract is irrelevant and does not enter into how the state defines a public official. Parents need to be concerned about their schools but being a parent is not an excuse for going on a witch hunt, especially when you are ignorant about the laws and policies you are quoting. It sounds like some of you are more interested in “sounding off” and going after some people than you are in finding the truth!

    • Conflict of Interest: a conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust. From Merriam-Webster.

      The whole reason for my previous comment was in regards to enlightening on the topic of conflict of interest, which is going on between KISD and IZone. Never once did I mention any names of individuals who should be prosecuted. It is not solely the responsibility of one person, a couple of people, the whole board, ect. It is an issue that should be taken care of regardless of who first spoke up and tried to lift the veil from KISD parent’s eyes on what is going on with their money.

      And again let me mention there is proof of where the numbers Mr. Kuykendall and Ms. Green spoke of pertaining to the rental rates. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion after reading, I am not trying to sway anyone or rally the troops. I am sorry you feel I am inadequate to comment on an issue that concerns me and show people how Texas Laws refer to conflict of interest cases (again I never once said that this applied to one specific person, until you mentioned the school board…which in that case this does apply.)

      I hope people can be more civilized than to slander a whistleblower whom they might not even personally know.

      Thank you:)

  21. I really wanted to believe that you as a teacher had the best interests of the students and was trying to fix a perceived problem at heart, but the more I have researched and the more I have discovered I am appalled. If those of you on his side, as I was, truly did the research you would be as well. To find even a shred of truth in the allegations of inappropriate conduct with children on his part is disgusting in the least, and criminal in the severity. Then you fire off numbers without truth which is bothersome, as this made me think poorly of people in charge. I really wanted to believe your sir, but after calling around and doing the fact checking you asked me to do, the Truth is you are wrong. I am not sure why Kisd has not pursued you, but you were removed and they must have had a reason. Perhaps this is where we need to be looking, as we have had too many teachers in the spot light for the wrong reason lately.

  22. The bottom line is that the three Stooges (Duggar, Furman and Creel), caught with their hands in the public till or looking the other way, should resign, be fired, or in the least, Placed on administrative leave IMMEDIATELY until a ruling by TEA.

    • No that is only what you believe to be true, but in actuallity they have done their jobs. Apparently Mr. K didn’t do his though and they got rid of him.

  23. This is all very interesting. But let’s consider this — the after school program does pay something. They do not have free use of district facilities. You want to toss around fair market value “observer”……….How much would KYA have to pay if they were charged fair market value for the use of district facilities for games/practices/camps? Right now I believe they pay a big fat $0. I believe that is the biggest discount of all if you consider the “wear and tear” on district property (fields and equipment) that the board member was so concerned about in the Youtube video. Yes they are a nonprofit – no it does not matter – the wear and tear would still occur – thus costing the district money according to the simple theories out there. And it is highly likely that members of KYA leadership in the past/present/future have also been KISD employees. So – is this a conflict of interest?

    You morons should stop your whining and troublemaking before you cause our children to lose all of their beneficial programs.

  24. I’m confused. I thought this article was in regards to the school board and a for profit organization. It has turned into a slanderous blog about a former teacher. If this teacher was inappropriate with students than KISD should have fired him. But it also appears that the facts he has supplied ate accurate or an investigation would not have been opened.

    • When you get hundreds, if not thousands, of documents and only use a couple to try to get voters and taxpayers to fire the people who forced you out of a job because you are a pedo, you better believe he is the issue. Don’t just read an article that was published with bias, with limited info from someone who is on a personal rampage and assume you know what is going on.

  25. Dear Troll; Caretaker of Trolls; Ex-Co Worker; KISD’r; Proud; Discount vs. Free; etc. etc. and whatever other name you have used here as you are obviously the same apologist for Duggar, Furman and Cleere. Is it true Duggar’s wife also works in the District? Lovely. Take this issue to the Grand Jury and let them decide. Though Superintendent, it is obvious Duggar does not have the integrity to lead a school district. He should be on paid leave until this matter is fully investigated and the taxpayers decide the fate of all three.

  26. Hey, Mr. K, as you sit in in your lonely room, pouring over your next blog, unshaven, unbathed, hellbent on revenge, I hope you realize that your shananigans & evil psychotic stalking & troublemaking are not hurting Karen as much as it is hurting the very kids you claimed to give your heart and soul to.

    You are no longer a part of KISD or our community. Why must the smell linger?

    Just go away already! Get a life. Move on. Quit ‘sweating us. You may have been able to convince a few people, but all the people that know you realized a long time ago that your self-centered butt will do anything to be the center of attention.

    Instead of harrassing KISD Admin, go get some much needed therapy.

    By the way, cute little shout out to Rick Edwards in that blog. Are you trying to insinuate that you are in cahoots? Is that why you mention he gave you records with social security numbers on it? Just trying to keep everyone guessing, huh? Tsk, tsk

  27. This issue is heartbreaking to me. As a graduate of the Kennedale School System, I have seen only improvements and strides in education since I moved on. It has immensely improved since my time there. It is frustrating and saddening that individuals choose to crucify or hone in on certain members of the administration, despite the record of improvement the district has undergone.

    Administrating for a school system is unlike most professional jobs in the workforce. Legality, liability, morale, etc., factor intensely in the professional obligations of a school administrator. When a dedicated school official is ostracized or attacked for providing a service for the community, I can’t help but wonder at what cost? What is it that parents are looking for? Yes, Mansfield’s after school program is cheaper… But does Mansfield have state officials and other schools asking to come and observe their programs in order to emulate them? I-zone does. I-zone is a service to children who need care, but also who deserve enrichment and individuals who may serve their needs in accordance with their personalities, the state, the educational strictures and their own educational and moral guidance.

    Ask any person who works for I-zone if they would prefer to work elsewhere for another boss.

    Ask any child if they would prefer the role of any other childcare providing service to the enrichment curriculum of I-zone.

    Ask any individual if they want to fault two women for providing a service to the community they serve and protect for offering such a necessary service despite their own needs and in spite of their own financial situation.

    I assure you in each instance, you will be faced with an individual who has benefited from I-zone and the individuals who run the institution.

    Integrity is doing what is right in spite of what anyone thinks. Sometimes public opinion is dead wrong. In this case it is. But I know two women who are doing what is right, regardless.

    • Maybe you should actually visit a school when I Zone is going on. It is nothing but a couple teachers standing around talking and kids running around a gym with no structure. Before you go on about the program, you should see what is really going on

  28. I too am dissappointed but for a different reason. I am dissappointed that we have parents who are indifferent to the fact that we had a teacher involved in an inappropriate relationship with a male student. These same administrators you are trying to crucify worked to took action to protect our kids. Do they get even some credit for this? No, excuses are made for this disturbed teacher and he is praised for his “investigation.” I can’t believe this guy would have any credibility. But not with this crowd! He is a hero! We’re worried about how much rent an after school program is charged. No one accuses the after school program of not doing a great job with the children…they certainly aren’t molesting kids. Some of you people are sick. I wonder how you would feel if it had been your son or daughter! All I can say is I am so glad you are not an administator or Board member at my child’s district. It is apparent that you are not out for the truth or concerned about our kid’s safety, as an earlier poster stated, you are on a witch hunt to support your own agenda!

  29. What is truly amazing is that the three of your can sit there, day after day, in a position of public trust, and not know you have betrayed that trust. THAT is why you should resign. Like the scandals which have plagued DISD and FWISD, this is why education in Texas is failing. You are not educators – you are opportunists who are using kids for personal gain. If Mr. K was so bad, your failure to prove it or legally pursue your OBLIGATIONS under the LAW as educators is yet another reason why you should not be in the positions your are in.
    The tactics people like you resort to when exposed are always the same. Slander the messenger. I don’t know nor have I ever met Mr. K. At least he had courage to expose you for what you are. Resign now!

    • Dear Harvard Law School Gratuate a.k.a. Observer,
      A school district cannot prosecute anyone. They can notify the appropriate authorities. It also should be noted that someone can engage in inappropriate behavior, especially for a teacher, and it not be genital contact sufficent for the authorities to prosceute. Ask your representative on the school board, Ms. Green, she should have access this information. And yes, the message does get tied to the messenger. A person should be careful who they get in bed with…

      Wait….I’m sorry…I’m going on like I’m dealing with people who have an open mind and really want the truth, not just their version of reality. If that were the case you would be waiting for the response from TEA. Again, I’m sorry….carry on….

      • Dear Attorney ANY inappropriate behavior towards a child should immediately involve the police. But if that is not enough to encourage you to do he right thing fraud would

        • Sorry disconnected let me correct this. If reporting inappropriate behavior with a child does not warrant contacting the police I understand why reporting fraud
          would not be a priority

          • Again, get your facts. Do you know that it wasn’t reported. I happen to know it was reported to CPS, which is the appropriate venue to report this type of behavior.

  30. Let’s not get carried away with this yet folks. All this information is coming from a guy who was fired for VERY questionable activities by Karen Furman and has been on a personal vendetta against her and her family since. This man is crazy and obsessed, as made obvious by his website, I am not saying everything is OK with this, but let’s wait to see what comes out as a result of this instead of taking a crazy man’s word for it.

  31. This is sad news. The district asked Furman and Cleere to take over the program and they did. Just because the tax status was changed to for-profit, doesn’t mean it wasn’t still essentially a district program. They ran the program ethically and in the best interest of the children and the district. Complaining that they didn’t file forms with the district to notify them of their running of the organization is a STUPID comment. The district asked them to run the program. Why would they file a form to tell the district what the district asked them to do??? Complaining that they’re not paying enough rent is also a STUPID comment considering the program came from the district in the first place.

    This article is sickening. I don’t know Kuykendall, but he sounds like a real winner. But I will say that it’s fairly obvious he’s just trying to take these people down out of personal revenge. And, I’d say the journalists involved in this are clearly not after the TRUE story, they’re after the story that will advance their career regardless of who they bring down in the meantime.

    You wonder why school districts have so much trouble? Maybe part of it is the fact that people with nothing better to do spend their time attacking and weakening the system. If a district is doing a good job with something, LEAVE THEM ALONE.

    • I can promise you that a majority of the negative comments on this story are from that nut job that has no business being around kids.

    • To give you an idea regarding the quality of the Ft. Worth News look at their classified ads…adult escort services, sensual massage, etc. Not exactly the Washington Post. Those classifieds are probably how Kuykendall knew to get with them!

      • Just where can I find the “Ft. Worth News”. I thought this was the Fort Worth Weekly. FYI: a newspaper who has received several awards for their investigative reporting – particularly on corruption in education.

        • Yes, Mr Kuykendall, another parent did put “news” instead of “weekly.” A simple mistake does not make you dumb, nor does catching such a mistake make you smart. However, I do not believe you use the escorts in the classifieds. From your past, I would say you would have more luck finding your sexual partners by going to the park or sitting outside elementary schools.

  32. Bryan’s just mad that his access to young boys was cut off. Did you tell everyone that you lost your apt bc you were spending every cent you had buying boys affection w/ computers, soccer camps, paying their rent, expensive bd & xmas gifts, etc?? Or how about when your engine blew on your suv–couldnt fix it because all your income was lost ‘grooming’ that boy. Tell it, bring it to light as you & your cheerleaders keep chanting. Transparency, remember? Tell everyone how you started badmouthing your coworker (the gf’s mother, sorry had to specify since he talks about everyone behind their back) long before any allegations were made. Why? Because you couldnt stand that the boy had a gf! Jealous, much? Can you also mention how you creeped out his soccer team & parents by videotaping random practices? Your obsession with the boy was sick. You want to dig & bring things to light so bad, why dont you bring that to light? Commence to digging, psycho.

    I hope when you read this, you realize how pathetic& disgusting you look. That is your legacy.

    And I forgot, he was always the martyr–taking care of poor sickly gp. How about ran away & hid there, and mooched off them.

  33. Well pathetic it sounds like your jealous that Mr kuykendale didn’t buy you gifts are you truely mad at the school cause they wouldn’t let you play Santa so the kids could sit in your lap

  34. Mrs furman you said the district ask you to run i zone could they not find the classified guess not every one says its for the kids there is nothing on this site for the kids if you ask the kids who there favorite teacher is are was was mr kuykendall but the kids lost him went to kennedale many years ago best days of my life mrs furman could also be that great person to the after school program we need to let tea are the da do there job i dont know either party but herd good and bad on both i dont know if mr kuykendall done anything with the kids all i know is i heard the kids loved him and mrs furman with after care for the kisd is great but again the kids should come first and as for the slander on here grow up people

    • First of all, in order to be slander what is being said has to be false. Did you not lose your job because of inappropriate relationships with boys? Did you threaten to fight it, yet find no lawyer that would take your case? We all know that is you, because the ramble just went on is the same crazy, obsessive rant that appears on your blog. You lost your job because you are a practicing pedophile and got caught. Now you are trying to cost those people who protected those kids their jobs. Why don’t you release all the documents you got from the records requests, not just the ones that can be taken out of context? Why don’t you post the minutes of every school board meeting which this was discussed, not just the two. Why don’t you or this “reporter” talk to one person who is involved with or that even knew about this program instead of no one? The WHOLE truth will come out and you will be exposed, kinda like how you expose yourself to little boys. Also, good to see in your previous post that you act like a typical pedophile and try to make it seem like you were doing the boy a favor by giving him gifts. At least we will all get an update of what you are doing one day, when we see you on Dateline.

    • Bryan you are sick!!! I feel sad for someome that has nothing better to do with their life than this CRAP. Get a LIFE Get over it…You know these children need a place to go after school and your not the best person that could take care of them their is alot of people that can take care them and alot of parent that need this, I Zone after school program GET OVER IT!!!

  35. See you people are idiots every post is not that of mr kuykendall now i know why so many kids turn out like they do i have kids of my own so i know how people feel so your saying every thing thats been posted on here is true get a life this district teachers and board have become a joke

    • No, there not all Mr. K. I imagine his sister & disturbed family are a part of this, along with some of his moron supporters. Which are you?

  36. The district has hired an attorney to investigate. Attorney fees are expensive. Who is paying for this investigation?

    Taxpayers, Mr. Dugger, or I Zone?

  37. Parent 2 you are an idiot i dont know either one sounds like you are related to one its people like you that makes kennedale a bad place to live

    • Funny, how you call someone an idiot when most of what you say is incoherent babble. I assume you never graduated high school since you obviously can’t even afford a keyboard that has a working period key.

  38. As an outsider, I can read the desperation in the postings of Duggar supporters. Trying to slam a teacher who came forward for an inappropriate relationship with a student backfires on Duggar, his administration and the Board. Why would you allow someone to resign if you had such serious credible allegations? Doesn’t sound like you did. Furthermore no professional attorney I know would post anonymously as “attorney”. Very doubtful this was legit. The only thing for Duggar, Furman and Cleere to do is resign or be suspended with pay pending a TEA or Department of Education investigation. Apparently there was a fraudulent use of federal funds. Every Board member who voted to approve of support the structure of this program should also resign. Bottom line is. it is up to parents (all parents not just supporters) to wake up, review what has gone on and make a decision. Stop trashing “Mr. K” and focus on the real issue. The Super, his staff, and any other abuses of his authority.

    • I don’t practice criminal law so I don’t think I’ve ever met you either. I’m sure curious to see what some of you will do if TEA does find a violation. I did some digging and found out that TEA has already ruled there was not a violation of the law or school policies related to iZone once (a couple of years ago). If I’m correct TEA will rule on this sometime in Oct. Sounds like some of you better be thinking of how you can tie TEA into your conspiracy theory. Sounds like the Ft Worth Weekly and their ace investigative reporter Mr. K sould have looked a little deeper.

      But don’t despare…I was just looking at an old photo and could swear that I saw Dugger & Furman on the grassy knoll when Kennedy was shot. When TEA says your full of crap maybe that will give you something to work with! Anything to deflect people from the truth about Mr. K & his little cult of supporters!

      • This crazy pedo has distorted the facts to make it seem like something happened that did not. The reporter took his word and the limited, carefully selected “evidence” and wrote a biased article out of it. You are taking info from a child molester, who has not credibility as credible, which is stupid. Besides, I have yet to see anyone explain how a teacher and counselor, who were asked to start a program by the school committed some sort of ethics violation. Getting promoted after the fact does not mean that you have to stop an activity that was perfectly fine before. What you people are doing is believing manipulated information from someone who has a stupid grudge. He tries to say there have been conflicts of interest as to why these women were promoted, which I’m sure has nothing to do with the fact that one has a masters and the other two masters and a doctorate. Wait for the other side to tell their story, instead of only one, twisted side and stop asking for people that you know nothing about and had probably never even heard of until you read a biased story to resign. Why should these people lose what they have worked for their whole lives because a sick man has twisted the facts?

        • I’m sorry, I misread while looking at the profiles on the Imagination Zone website, according to that, Dr. Furman has THREE masters and a doctorate. I wonder why she is in a high position Mr. K.

  39. Of course you would have time to post this morning since you have no job, no prospects for a job and of course your Bff is in class AS A STUDENT -moron- Get a Life!! Oh wait no one will hire you now that the truth is out. Guess you will have to mooch off family for a long time. Classic case of the one kid who never grows up, and is forced to live at home with his parents until they get tired of him and kick him out. Perhaps you could work at chuck e cheese or putt-putt, it’s probably your dream job.

  40. Idiot that was last night.and of course you would know where to go for kids.but while you were hanging out there your mom was hanging on to.

    • You fool look at the post you made today I started a new thread moron not replying to a previous one. And you were a teacher!!! WOW guess I should be worried about those you attempted to educate.

  41. I bet you have’t had a real man since all that would have a skank like you is
    dugger . and thats cause he needed an idiot for his criminal congrates on that job you fill it great

  42. I am not sure who you think you are talking to, but I assure you I don’t play that side of the field. That would be you and from what I understand Dugger is much too old for you. Oh and say hi to the Fam for me.

  43. I don’t know anything about the ladies and the job that they do are dont do. don’t know about that teacher had it been my kid t board wouldnt have to have got rid of him i went to school there i didnt graduate my choice dumb but cant change it i love the school and the teachers were awsome dont know who this ha ha person is let the pros handle what needs to be handled and stop talking about people like that

    • For the most part well said! However for some reason this guy doesn’t think the Pro’s can handle it. Since it is up for a review (just to verify what we already know) that it is on the up and up. It would be wise for both sides to allow due process to occur. Then we can recognize the wolf in sheep’s clothing so much easier.

      • Yes caretaker whats gonna happen when the investigatin is over if the ladies are inicent will they keep there jobs as well with that teacher if he is sorry for the grammer

  44. Whats truly amazing is how screwed up the moral compass is of not only Duggarm Furman and Cleere, but of their rabid supporter(s) ie: “Caretaker of Trolls”; “outsider” (an amateur attempt to hide this is the same person); “Think about it”; or the non-practicing “attorney” etc. etc. If you worked for a private company and were running your business on their “clock” you would be fired. If you received monetary support from your manager at the expense of the companu you both would be fired. If the manager was ignorant enough to say; “I don’t see any problem with it”, he would be fired. Just my opinion but this isn’t rocket science. Most of the comments directed against the teacher obviously came from Furman and Duggar as stated in the article. This is wrong. You got caught. Resign.

  45. I am glad that KISD asked an alleged pedophile to take leave while they investigated him. That is important to me as a parent. This is not about students not getting the proper care or education, this is attacking people that are trying to educate and take care of your kids. This has got to be a HUGE distraction to these employees while they are trying to do their jobs.
    When did this stop being about your children? This is a HUGE waste of time and energy. It seems like these “adults” need to grow up and find something else to do with their time.
    Are your children being taken care of and safe?? YES!! Are they being educated?? YES!!! If things change it will GREATLY change the cost of this after school program and a lot of single parents will really be out a lot of help. And, who wants to pay more for the same amount of care? This is WAY out of hand and it needs to stop. This is going to start having an impact on your kids. THAT IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This after school program hires certified teachers. These teachers are also people that your child is used to seeing on a day to day basis. These are not strangers and are well known teachers in the district. That is also important to me as a parent.

    • According to the story, parents could be paying LESS for the same care while generating twice as much income for the school if the nonprofit that runs Mansfield’s program was allowed to bid for the contract.

      But we were never allowed to hear about that option because Dugger never brought it to the school board.

      And that’s why this is a big deal

  46. 1. What is the difference between being cleared (no charges filed) by TEA or CPS? It seems to me if neither organization chooses to pursue the matter in question further there should be a presumption of innocence.
    2. The questions surrounding I-zone center on a business relationship. In this case the school board members are stewards of the district’s money. Julie Green and John Hunt asked appropriate questions. John mentioned that it is reasonable to expect a profit as a business owner, but as consumers we look for the best possible deals on the services we need. The overhead for building rental is covered by 1 child. Depending on what hourly wage is being paid to the people working at I-zone it takes 5 or 6 to pay their wages. Other expenses might amount to $60/month. The rest is profit. That would amount to a 65% margin on the services provided.
    3. More disturbing than the previous issue is a pattern that is emerging. If the allegations are factual that Dr. Furman’s son was hired to perform Spanish to English translations when competent ESL teachers were available (and probably could have used the extra cash) more questions need to be asked. What made him more qualified to do that translation? Mr. Dugger’s daughter has also worked in the district, along with some of the board member’s children. Is cronyism a practice that is encouraged by the board? Once again the best possible candidate for the job should be hired regardless. This would be a systemic issue at that point.

    • Dont forget that Mrs Glen who also works at admin and has her husband emplyed by I-Zone as well as all the other “good ol boy” friends and family. Rumor has is some, like Dugger’s daughter has never even worked as a teacher or in a school, yet holds an administrative job in the district.
      As citizens we need to re-evaluate how this district is run and how it treats its people. What once was a small town, close and supportive district is now one that uses intimidation and threats to control its staff.

  47. I havent weighed in on previous comments but felt it necessary to comment on this one. Competent ESL teachers arent bilingual teachers. KISD doesn’t have bilingual teachers at all the schools. In fact, until the district went bilingual a few yrs ago, we didnt have any bilingual teachers.

    As to the issue of having in district people translate, sometimes that did happen. I know because I was one of them. I was not always available & frankly, just didnt want to. When I tried to ask the couple of bilingual teachers we had at the time, they turned it down. They just really had enoughh on their plate with teaching & didnt want to take on anything else.

    Personally, I feel that if all the district paid for the amount of work provided was in the neighborhood of $10k, they got a good deal. Translation services are rediculously expensive!

    One more thing I’d like to add–these are just the jobs that were turned down by everyone in house. Many, many translation jobs werent, and arent. Every report card, parent note, school memo, poster, activty, etc that is sent to parents of children in the bilingual program is in Spanish. Do you have ANY idea how much that would cost? Probably close to $10k per year.

    I dont know if it was wrong or right. Im not well versed in public educ law to comment on that. I am, however, well versed with many yrs experience in ESl & bilingual education. When state law says some communication has to be in Spanish, and federal law gives deadlines, and no one in house wants to do it, IT STILL HAS TO BE DONE. Sometimes turn around time is a couple of days.

    It would be wonderful if the state & feds provided translated documents of their own required testing notices that they require in both languages, for instance. You would be surprised at how often its not.

    Again, I just want to restate that the cost of certified translation services is beyond what you could imagine. (I dont mean just having some random Spanish speaking person translate. Some legal paperwork has to be translated by a certified translator or your at risk.) If Karen Furman, or Gary Dugger were responsible for those translation services, they should be applauded for saving the district so much money.

    I would have charged close to double.

    Celi Olmos Chaves

    ** By the way, no one asked me to write this. Those that know me know that I am not easily intimidated, influenced, or duped into doing or saying anything I don’t want to. I just wanted to explain a little about translation services & esl/bilingual requirements. I also dont want my post to be attributed to anyone but myself. And since there seem to be grammar & spelling police on this page, please send my fine in the mail translated in Spanish, as it is my first language. 😉

  48. I have known both Karen and Jan for years. I have seen them in some of the most difficult situations, and they still act accordingly and as ethically as possible. If they don’t know how to handle a certain situation, they aren’t afraid to ask. They will go to every means necessary to make sure they are doing their jobs right because A. They don’t want to get fired. B. They don’t want a lawsuit against the district. So why would this case be any different? Truth is its not. They are very ethical people and actually did the school a favor by opening an independent business, IZONE. Fun Care was the program before, and if Fun Care had continued the school district would have been in trouble because it was said that it could not be an expansion of the district. It had to be an independent business. The options were to A. Find another company that the school district would have to pay and rent out their facilities (expensive) B. Get rid of the after school program (which would not allow as much growth to Kennedale as its experience in the past year) or C. Find someone that they trusted to open their own independent business, that was qualified to do so, so the parents and students and previous workers of Fun Care still had their other job and weren’t losing any income. Last time I knew, it was perfectly fine for teachers, educators, or ANYONE for that matter to have a second job. This decision was made, to benefit EVERYONE involved. The district, the previous employers of Fun Care, the parents that attended KISD, and the students that attended. It has been a very well established program, run by two people that did all the leg work to make sure they were able to get it run right. Lets clarify one thing right now though. These individuals were not administrators the whole time while running their business. They did however further their education, and does that not entitle to them to possible promotions? How would one feel if they were very well qualified for a position, interviewed against several people and found out that you didn’t get the promotion because a district stated that you couldn’t because you ran an independent business? That’s ridiculous. They are two separate incidents and should be treated as such. And if the problem is that it’s on campus, then okay say they moved it off campus, rented out a space that costed a ton more money. They would more than likely have to cut staff and raise prices of after school care to keep their heads above water. That would not benefit anyone, and probably less scholarships would be offered as well, so the students that already don’t have a financial benefit would have to suffer more and not get same educational opportunities as their other students. Do we really want to put people into this situation? I don’t think so. I have never seen these individuals take time off of work. They are constantly discussing and trying to figure out better ways to benefit the students, teachers and parents. They are concerned and genuinely caring individuals. It would be incredibly tragic, if something took them away from the district. They would be INCREDIBLY hard to replace. The district would suffer without them.

    • What a ridiculous point of view. THEY ARE (supposedly) EMPLOYEES OF KISD. Either own and run your own business on your own time, or work for KISD. You cannot run your own business while being paid to work for KISD, using KISD assets. Duggar, his nepotism, his cronies, as well as Furman and Cleere need to go.

  49. Izone should pay the same amount as any other organization renting the facility…… NOT a cheaper rate because they work in district in the same building as the superintendent. What should the cost of renting two building three hours a day, five days a week be? The school district would make this money and could put in back into education for the children instead of in the pockets of well paid administrators.
    Why do rates depend on who is renting? Rental agreement should be a flat rate. Why is this even up for discussion.

    I think they should pay back the money owed to our district so that Dugger can put it in the athletic money pit.

  50. One final thought:
    This is a great quote from Clyde Picht: “Ethics is not about what is legal. Ethics is about what is right versus what is wrong, what is correct versus what is incorrect, and what is moral versus what is immoral. The distinction is substantial. Not all laws are right or moral.”
    This arrangement is not right, correct, or moral.

  51. The I-zone program appears sound. And I congratulate Dr. Furman on her business succes, but I have questions.

    Why was there no contract until 2010? Contracts protect both parties in a business relationship.

    What research or advertising was done prior to asking Dr. Furman to take on this business? Were other qualified people given the opportunity to bid?

    Why was it so hard to find out who ran the program?

    When will the public forum be held?

    Why were the appropriate affidavits never filed?

    Is it truly district policy that these must be filed?

    Is there a policy in place for competitive bids in the district? What would Academic Athlete charge per student if they were paying the same rent?

    Is $175 an appropriate rental fee? Does that cover the cost of toilet paper, soap, art supplies, and other things used by I-zone?

    Were work hours used to support the administration of I-zone?

    Is there policy in the district preventing an official from hiring a family member? What is the district policy for second jobs (most companies have a policy for this)?

    Everyone needs to watch.

  52. It must be in board policy to hire your family……………Dugger’s daughter works under Furman. She is over all the counselors and MUST have more experience that Dawn Ramirez or Jane Dickerson. Otherwise………….was she hired to supervise them while working on her doctorate?

    Dr. Walker……………….really? We need a public forum. Why the delay? The board last met on aug. 28th.

    Are you worried about your past decisions and neglect to recognize things are not right in KISD administration. Maybe all of you should resign and step down.

  53. Ask anyone else from a different district about adminstrators owning a personal for profit business run on school property and see what the response is.”Conflict of interest” The issue isn’t if iZone is good for kids and parents, it is, but whether or not district administrators should own this and if they are receiving preferential treatment. Interesting comment,”They were asked by the district to open and run an after school program.” Mr. Delaney asked them to do this. Was he acting on behalf of the district or was this his own idea, as Mr.Delaney was know for his “ideas”.

  54. Dugger’s daughter does work under Furman. Furman and Cleere were in what postions when they began this business? A counselor and a teacher. They are now Assistant Superintendent and District Testing Coordinator. Is that type of progression typical? They advise schools, the superintendent and principals because they have a degree(s). Cuts have been made in teaching positions, yet Furman has built an entire department around her in 8 years including the superintendent’s daughter. Exactly how many people in Furman’s department have risen through the ranks and know how buildings are run, various elementary AND SECONDARY curriculum and have any experience managing people?

    Wait…I’m straying from the topic. “Conflict of interest.”

    • You may be straying off topic, but you are EXACTLY right. We people in positions they do not deserve, only because of who they know.

  55. never heard of people in those positions that went straight from counselling to assist superintendent
    when hiring a head counselor do you really think theyd choose another candidate over Duggers daughter?
    probably not
    how do i get in this great click

    • That didnt happen in KISD either, not sure what counselor you’re referring to but it obviously isnt Furman. She spent many years over Special Programs, then a few years over Elem Educ/Curriculum, then eventually Assoc Super.that was a 10+ yr journey, not to mention adding a 3rd Masters & a Doctorate degree during that time span.

      As for the previous uninformed poster that mention KHS not meeting AYP under Furman & placing Edwards back in charge–well that’s comical. First off, AYP went from 70% passing rate to the now 93% to meet AYP in the last couple of yrs. Newsflash–only 2 districts in the DFW area made AYP. That shows a systematic problem with AYP, not the school districts.

      And Edwards? Seriously? A man who no matter how hard he tries to leave the district, he cant get past the second interview. Theres a reason no other district wants him. As rudely as he treats teachers, and as antagonistic & condescending as he is, he is the one the Board should be looking at. Wonder if it was a coincidence that locked teachers out of a benefits meeting a few days before the Board election? The same election where Julie Green, one of Kuykendalls bffs, ended up winning? And most recently, kuykendall even sends him shout outs for his help. A district assoc super who would rather play with the enemy to further his own agenda?? I guess he figures if he can get Furman out of there, and push Dugger into early retirement, he can finally be Superintendent. Shameless!

      • Reply to “You’re Clueless”:
        Your “name” says it all. YOU are clueless. Obviously one of the supporters who keep heaping words of praise onto the barn yard pile that is the Dggar administration and his sheepish Board. You all need to leave. Let the REAL reform of Texas Public Education begin here.

  56. You see what has happened since furman took over secondary…..didn’t make AYP two years in a row.

    Mr. Edwards did a better job at running the high school. I agree what’s wrong with our school board?

  57. From the KISD application:

    Background Information

    ….* 3. Do you have a relative who currently serves on the Board of Trustees of any of the districts in the Region XI consortium?
    * 4. Do you have a relative who is employed in any capacity by any of the districts in the Region XI consortium?
    If you answered YES to either questions #3 or #4, please give the name of the relative(s), the position(s) or job(s) held, the relationship, and district.

  58. People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
    Love them anyway.

    If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
    Do good anyway.

    If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies.
    Succeed anyway.

    Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
    Be honest and frank anyway.

    The biggest men with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men with the smallest minds.
    Think big anyway.

    What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
    Build anyway.

  59. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.

    • This whole mess smells to high heaven. Can they ever recover from this for what’s best for the students? This ugliness begins at the top. If you can ever catch Dugger, Biondi and Barrett at Starburcks every and pull them away, maybe you could figure out what he does during the day besides read the paper and set up a meeting where Dr. Walker chews out all the principals for not vocally supporting the board with this ethics situation, and not making AYP(he compared Kennedale to South Lake)What planet is he on when he put everyone on notice that there had better be change. For a smart man he obviously has no clue on the comparisons of socio economics, ethnicity, average level of education or lack of federal Programs. They have $$$$$ and lots of it. We are a Title I district which means we have more than 40 % of out students eat free or reduced breakfast AND lunch. Umm, Dr. Walker when you come down from the pie in the sky you will realize they are nothing alike. Start to examine your superintendent that can’t keep control of his Asst. Super since she has asked her employees like an angry ex if they are sleeping with Mr. Dugger. “The winds that blow have told her.” Again, has she ever managed people? And if she started her business in 2004 and was still a counsor it took how long to build a business and rise to her current position and surround herself with green unqualified people around her? And dont even think of disagreeing with her out in a meeting or she will make you pay in the comIng days or months. how w did she fund all of her little pack of yes-women? Title money that was to be used for children? Lots of questions….

    • This whole mess smells to high heaven. Can they ever recover from this for what’s best for the students? This ugliness begins at the top. If you can ever catch Dugger, Biondi and Barrett at Starburcks (every day) maybe you could figure out what he does during the day besides read the paper and set up a meeting where Dr. Walker chews out all the principals for not vocally supporting the board with this ethics situation, and not making AYP. He previously compared Kennedale to South Lake. What planet is he on? For a smart man he obviously has no clue on the comparisons of the two communities. Where are we similiar, socio economics, ethnicity, average level of education of parents, money from federal programs? They have $$$$$ and lots of it. We are a Title I district which means we have more than 40 % of our students eating free and/or reduced breakfast AND lunch. Dr. Walker when you come down from the pie in the sky you will realize we are nothing alike. Start to examine your superintendent that can’t keep control of his Asst. Super since she has asked her employees like an angry ex if they are sleeping with Mr. Dugger. “The winds that blow have told her.” Again, has she ever managed people or personally implemented all these changes or merely read another book? And if she started her business in 2004 and was still a counselor it took how long to build a business and rise to her current position and surround herself with green unqualified people? And don’t even think of disagreeing with her or she will make you pay in the comIng days or months. Speaking of green unproven people, how has she funded all of those new positions around her? Title money that was to be used for children? Lots of questions….

  60. Question for Forum – or Bryan could you request open records?

    How much did Coach Polk pay to rent the outdoor facility to train people at night? People such as Janet Adams and Jan Cleere?

    did he get free use of the building while taxpayers pay for electricity, lighting, etc?
    Curious to know how much per hour he was charged last year

  61. Someone – ANYONE – with knowledge of any of these facts needs to send it to the Department of Education. The FBI got involved in El Paso. Fort Worth is soon to follow. Atlanta started the ball rolling. We need to clean up Texas education in order to improve Texas education. It starts with the School Boards and Superintendents.

    • Why would anyone want to work for someone whose friends would make fun and belittle them? This bullying type of behavior from the shadows has become typical of the leaders of KISD. It needs to stop.

  62. The KISD Website now has the videos of their meetings. Look for yourself, starting with the June 2012 meeting when Julie Green brought up the IZone issue. Mr. Hunt agreed with the motion to postpone the vote for the IZone contract. The other 5 Board members disagreed and then Janet Adams immediately motioned to approve the IZone contract. Those 5 quickly aprroved the contract while Green and Hunt opposed. In July, Elisha Woodsen spoke out against the contract with IZone. Mr Walker’s first question to her is “Are you on the KYA Board?” Relevance?? KYA is Non Profit and IZone is For Profit. Elisha mentioned that other districts are able to offer the after school program at $45 per week. IZone charges $65. Has the Board asked IZone to lower their fees? IZone also charges a $50 enrollment fee. That is similar to when the cell phone companies charge us an activation fee. How do we feel about that? Come on, you have to input the information in the system and you want my business but you are going to gouge me with a set up fee??!! Kennedale campuses are Title I..the families utlizing IZone need the lowest costs…$65 a week and a $50 enrollment fee are not doing what is best for the families but it does make large profits for Furman and Cleere. But wait, they would not disclose their P&L statement…why is that? What are they hiding? In the August video you see Furman state she and Cleere each made $26 an hour last year…really?? how many hours did they work?? Furman said she felt she answered with integrity….sounds like she answered with a smoke screen…show your financials if you have not made gross profits off of Title I families and you have nothing to hide.
    Tomorrow night is the next School Board meeting at 7PM at the Media Center. The agenda shows that the attorney will give a statement regarding IZone. Also, they will set a date for a public forum, per the August video, regarding all facilities fees.
    Let’s look at fees…IZone was only charged $175 per MONTH, per campus, for use of several rooms including gym, cafeteria, computer room, playground while teachers such as Mr. Hanna and Mrs Griffin were charged $90 per WEEK to use one room for piano lessons…how is that fair?? and now the Board is going to review all fees. The fees are fine it’s the application of the fees/special deal made to IZone that is the problem. The Board needs to do what is right which is charge IZone the going rate for all the rooms they use, insist that IZone stop charging an enrollment fee and let the non-profit groups continue to use the facilities at no charge.

  63. why were izone employees asked to write a letter to the attorney general to refuse to provide their time sheets?

    something is wrong here and yet it is over looked again and again
    the community is outraged by this behavior and pretend leadership

  64. my son has attended Izone for four years and I have known since day one who owned and operated this facility. Why? Because I did my due diligence and checked it out first. I believe that the KISD has not erred in their due diligence either in allowing this program to remain and Delaney and RFP campuses.

    The author of this article has made many errors and not researched properly. You can view Gary Duggers response to the FW Weekly and the TEA’s letter back to the KISD if you go to the KISD website.

    My last comment will be if you take the time to write a complaint sign it, don’t be a chicken.

  65. I guess since the ruling didn’t turn out like Bryan wanted, he has disappeared. Or, probably picking out his next rant… who’s next Bryan? The hate you carry for so many people and this life you have is very sad. Many of these people you target actually pray for you. They pray for you to find some kind of peace within yourself to lead a life that is productive and giving and not so drama filled. Kennedale is a great community, they are family and friends that care about the city and schools and family and children. Most of the people in this town have been here for ever. I am one of them. I was born here. It has grown and changed in many ways just like all of small town America. America is in a big transition and people are worried about more important things in life, and they should be, than you. You may have good intentions or a vendetta doing what you are doing, who knows. But step back and look at the big picture and see what life has to offer and be a good part of the future rather than what you have been. Your fifteen minutes are about up. I encourage everyone to read the ruling from TEA and the letter written to this “reporter”.