Romney didn't score too big among teens, either.

This election dragged on so long that everyone and their dog knows that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney didn’t won because he couldn’t get the support of women. Or blacks. Or Hispanics. Or young people. Mostly he got the votes of white men.

We’re just not at the top of the food chain anymore, guys.

Romney also failed to get the votes of young people — even the ones who still can’t drive.


The National Student Mock Election, held at schools across the country since 1988, resulted in numbers pretty darn close to the actual election day results. President Obama took in 316 electoral college votes compared to Romney’s 208. The final results Tuesday were 303 to 206.

(The nation’s teenagers have correctly predicted the winner in almost every presidential election since 1988. They favored Sen. John Kerry in 2004 over President George W. Bush. Which is ironic, considering that Kerry may be the only presidential candidate in recent memory with even less personality than Romney.)

And in Fort Worth, teens overwhelmingly supported Obama. A whopping 80 percent (if they could have voted for real) would have cast a ballot for the skinny president from Chicago, while 12.5 percent would have supported Romney. Across Texas, Obama got 70 percent of the votes.


As the Star-Telegram pointed out, the roughly 1,400 Fort Worth teens who “voted” are a fraction of the district’s 80,000 students, but hey, that’s still a bigger sample than Gallup polls that correctly predicted the election outcome.

Is this disparity because a majority of students in Fort Worth are Hispanic, a group that votes Democratic by two to one? Just last year, Hispanics became the majority of Texas schoolchildren. Perhaps this is further proof that the state’s overwhelmingly conservative political establishment should watch its back.

The kids might soon be taking the family car for a joy ride.


  1. That the left dominates the education system (especially the government schools and tax funded universities) is old news. Most schools and universities are basically “Progressive” brain washing centres. The real question is why do taxpayers tolerate this – why not DEFUND THE LEFT?