Fort Worth Goth-prog duo Pinkish Black has signed with Century Media, a 24-year-old L.A.-based label that is home to metal giants Andrew WK, Buckcherry, Napalm Death, and Lacuna Coil, plus dozens of other, smaller acts.

In a press release, the label says, “As one of the heaviest bands of late to feature no stringed instruments, Pinkish Black uses aura and emotions to attain what other bands (and a lot of Orange amps and down-tuned guitars) fail to do.”

Pinkish Black –– keyboardist/vocalist Daron Beck and drummer Jon Teague –– added, “We’re excited at the possibilities that working with Century Media presents to us and that lots of touring and recording will follow.”


In addition to touring, Beck and Teague are also now working on a new record, a follow-up to their eponymous May debut, a sinister chunk of molten synth-bass rhythms, Panzer-evil drums, and Beck’s baritone voice, ranging from operatic to anguished. The forthcoming record also will follow There’s a Man in the House, a slab of heaviosity released last summer and credited to The Great Tyrant, Beck and Teague’s now-defunct band with bassist Tommy Atkins, who died in February 2010. The material on There’s a Man in the House was three years old at the time of its release.

Pinkish Black’s tour begins this Saturday, Nov. 24, at Lola’s Saloon (2736 W. 6th St., 817-877-0666) with Atriarch and will wind through the North East (stops include New York City, D.C., and Brooklyn) and the South (Richmond, Nashville, Little Rock) before ending up back home on Saturday, Dec. 8, at Lola’s for a show with Pallbearer.